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Yet I agree with Adobe’s decisions. Am I crazy? It’s an inevitable truth that Adobe, like any other company, can’t please everyone.
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Lightroom CC 2018 review

Save Adobe Adobe has unveiled a raft of new apps and updates for Max , most notably a big revamp of Lightroom CC to make it more cloud-friendly for mobile users. For desktop users who prefer the current, non-cloud app, Adobe has re-branded it as Lightroom Classic CC. As Adobe describes it, Lightroom CC “is designed to be a cloud-based ecosystem of apps that are deeply integrated and work together seamlessly across desktop, mobile and web. The new version for PC and Mac has an all-new, simplified interface with streamlined sliders, presets and quick-adjustment tools, and some of the features in the old version of Lightroom CC are missing.

The prime feature of Lightroom CC is the cloud sync, which works automatically to save all of your RAW images, edits and metadata, letting you pick up where you left off regardless of your location or device. That feature eliminates the worry of whether you’ve saved images to a USB key or device, and lets you stop an edit mid-job and resume from the last action you took, even on a smartphone.

Another key new feature is Adobe Sensei , an AI algorithm that figures out what’s in your photos and automatically tags them, much as Google Photos does. It can also sift through photos and pick the “best” ones based strictly on sharpness, color and other non-subjective considerations.

Again, much like with Google or Apple Photos, Adobe added built-in sharing tools that let you build custom galleries and share them on social media or through the new Lightroom CC Portfolio integration app.

The mobile apps on iOS and Android have also been significantly updated, though they’ll still work as they did before with Lightroom CC Classic. Meanwhile on Android, Adobe has finally added tablet support and a local adjustment brush, along with the same Sensei searching as on iOS. Using a preview copy, I tried out the new desktop version on Windows 10, and the new user interface below is significantly different and more like the tablet version. All of the tools from “Develop” are now in “Edit” above , but some popular tools like “Tone Curve,” “Panorama,” and “HDR Merge” are no longer available, at least in version 1.

There’s now an “Edit in Photoshop” button that will presumably let you do more of the fine-tuning work, though. If you’ve got an established workflow and rely on those missing tools, you’ll obviously want to stick to the Lightroom Classic CC version. As for that Lightroom Classic CC app, Adobe has made a few small changes including a faster boot time, image previews, file imports, and a new color range and luminance masking functionality.

It emphasized that Lightroom Classic CC “continues to focus on a more traditional desktop-first workflow with local storage and file and folder control,” compared to the “cloud-centric” operation of Lightroom CC.

I personally liked the new version of Lightroom CC, as I always found the “classic” version to be a bit confusing and cluttered. After testing the Android version of Lightroom CC on a Galaxy S8 smartphone above , I can confirm that the mobile app lets you do most, if not all of the image touch-ups that the desktop app does.

That made it possible for me to work on the go without pulling out my laptop. There are a lot of users, though, who depend on Lightroom to make a living, and have often automated the use of it to a large degree. For now, Lightroom Classic CC means those folks don’t have to worry about switching, as it’s still available for the same price.

However, Adobe is slowly but surely shifting everything to the cloud. Photoshop CC and new apps Adobe made some significant changes to Photoshop CC above , including updates that will make it easier for cloud users to connect. It also added what it calls “major improvements to learning and getting started,” thanks to interactive, step-by-step tutorials and rich tip tools.

Other highlights include Lightroom photo access from the start screen above , spherical panoramic image editing, symmetry painting tech preview , numerous brush tweaks, new font tools and much more. The company unveiled three new apps that do three very different things. The first, Adobe XD CC, is aimed at users who want to design and prototype mobile apps and services, developed “in open partnership with the design community through a public beta,” the company said.

It lets you take graphics and characters from Photoshop or Illustrator, and add “visual puppet controls,” pose-to-pose blending, physics behaviors and other 2D character animation tools. Finally, there’s Adobe Dimension CC, basically a package that lets designers do quick-and-dirty 3D work for branding, packaging design, etc. With that in mind, there are three new photography plans, all available starting today.

Adobe will continue to offer Lightroom 6 as “the last stand-alone version of Lightroom that can be be purchased outside of a Creative Cloud membership.

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Lightroom Classic CC Review | What is Adobe Lightroom?

All three apps also use the nifty Profiles feature to determine how to convert raw camera files into viewable images, which determines the starting point of your editing journey. Some creative Profiles that are very similar to Instagram filters join the Raw Profiles, and those can be used on JPGs as well as raw images. The same February Lightroom update, aka Version 2. Pricing and Setup You have at least three options when buying Lightroom. Keep in mind, too, that those are one-shot prices: Pay once and you own the software forever. In terms of cloud storage, Lightroom CC is also pricey compared with other services.

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Your free trial starts the day you install Lightroom and lasts for seven days. You can convert your trial to a paid Creative Cloud membership during the trial period . The Lightroom CC ecosystem has been updated today, with updates for the Windows (), Mac (), iOS () and Android () apps. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC is a free, powerful, yet intuitive photo editor. Lightroom also provides a robust premium offering filled with advanced photo.

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