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AnyTrans is Acting Up? It is designed for covering the needs of data management for various iOS devices. Using the software, users can also sync data from iPhone to iPhone, from iPhone to computer or vice versa.
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The release of AnyTrans 7 revives three popular iTunes features that Apple ditched last year. Last year, iTunes The redesign was aimed at cutting bloat, so functions like the App Store, home screen arrangement, and ringtone editing got nixed. Not everyone was happy about that. And with the release of AnyTrans 7 , iMobie included the stuff that iTunes threw out in In addition to a brand new user interface, it includes an app downloader, a ringtone manager and a Home screen manager.

Now, anyone who misses the features iTunes cut out can have them back. AnyTrans 7: The two apps do a lot of the same things, like two-way syncing, backups and data transfer. But AnyTrans is easier to use. Just type the app into the search bar, and you can download them straight to AnyTrans for use on any device.

Each app backs up locally. This feature needs no introduction, unless iTunes For many, this long-lost feature proved easier than smearing icons around on the touchscreen. And some extras in the AnyTrans version make it even better. For example, you can automatically organize apps according to color, category or custom settings. It also will remove unused apps, and you can save favorite arrangements to bring back later. Just upload a song or recording — in. You can use audio files from your computer, iTunes library, iOS device or YouTube to make a ringtone.

From there, you can trim it right in the app using an intuitive editor. You just cut the track and make it your ringtone. Get AnyTrans for any phone AnyTrans 7 offers a way to seamlessly switch from any iPhone to a brand new one.

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AnyTrans is an application that lets you manage your device content from your Mac or Windows computer. Transfer files , merge content, use your iPhone as a USB drive, create backups , and more with this one simple tool. You can download it for free and then review the AnyTrans License plans for lifetime benefits and extra features. The app should then recognize your device and you can get started. Add your content You have two ways to add movies and shows to your device with AnyTrans. To add a movie or show to your iOS device, click Add Content.

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Break free from syncing barriers & use #AnyTrans to transfer content between . PC & MAC even mobiles phones Android and iOS @iMobie_Inc #AnyTrans for. Fast downloads of the latest free software!*** AnyTrans for Mac is an all in one management tool for making the jump from Android to iOS. Discover other similar Free Software like AnyTrans suggested and ranked by the iTunes, making iPhone ringtones and more. Software. Free. Windows, Mac.

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