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But for , Avast Premier can flag phishing sites without a browser extension. Typically, security suites install a browser extension in your default browser and flag suspicious sites that way. With Avast Premier, when a phishing site is detected the suite throws up a medium-sized alert window in the center of the screen.
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Avast offers free plans for macOS and Android, which can simulate a multi-device plan. Our favorite plan, Ultimate, can only secure a single device, too.

While all other plans can support one, three, five or 10 machines, Ultimate can only support one. All prices are for a single device, too. Unlike other multi-device plans, the price per device actually increases as you add more to your plan. However, the need for protection on mobile devices under a single plan cannot be ignored. Bitdefender has a more logical antivirus lineup that will appeal to a wider range of users.

Pricing Point for Bitdefender Antivirus 3 User-Friendliness Antiviruses are more complex than they used to be, so making sense of all the features is important. Installation takes a while, though. Once the install is finished, things look up. Our configuration used the other four tiles for quick scan, the VPN, full system scan and SafePay, a secure banking mode.

Quick actions work so well because they allow you to carry out actions from the main screen of the UI. Everything you want is there when you open the application. It will also give you the correct action to take to patch these vulnerabilities. Bitdefender includes performance profiles that can optimize the system impact of using an antivirus. If your plan supports more than one device, then Bitdefender Central will be useful.

Central will show you the overall protection, as well as any notifications, for each of your devices. Avast Unlike previous rounds, Avast puts up a good fight here. Avast will gray out some features in the UI and display a lock next to them. Not all features are like that. Some, such as the VPN, show up as any other feature would. Avast includes four scans modes.

You have targeted, full and boot scans, as well as Smart Scans, which are our favorite. Smart Scans run a normal antivirus sweep, but also check for network threats, suspicious browser extensions, vulnerable software and performance issues.

If you have Avast Ultimate, you can resolve all of these issues. You can resolve some, but things like performance issues will continue to nag at you. All plans comes with Avast Secure Browser, though, which is also available for free separately. Secure Browser is a Chromium-based browser that has extensions such as adblock and real-time monitoring built-in.

The interface is excellent, with a logical layout and plenty of power. However, the constant use of backhanded advertising practices cause it to lose its luster.

However, Bitdefender not only has fewer advertisements but also features like quick actions and performance profiles that make it a more attractive option, overall. User-Friendliness Point for Bitdefender Antivirus 4 Protection The most important aspect of an antivirus is how safe it keeps you.

It was our first choice for the most secure antivirus. It has a light touch on system resources, too, though it is heavier than some other providers. Even so, the addition of performance profiles and hardware optimization circumvent this issue.

AV-Test awarded it a perfect score in its August testing. Bitdefender was percent effective against widespread and zero-day malware. AV-Test used just shy of 20, samples, in total. The industry average for this timeframe was percent, so, in light of that Bitdefender looks less impressive. In April, when the industry average was While AV-Test awarded Bitdefender a perfect score in performance, it eats more system resources than the average antivirus. Bitdefender slowed the machine by 25 percent while launching popular websites, a test where the industry average was only 15 percent.

Bitdefender is on par or better in all other performance categories, though. AV-Comparatives found similar results. During the August testing, Bitdefender blocked percent of threats with no false positives. Out of the 17 other providers tested, Kaspersky was the only other antivirus to boast these results. The most recent performance data from AV-Comparatives is from April It has maintained this rating since October when it received the advanced rating.

This certification means that it blocked at 98 percent of malware across all tests. Looking through the results, Bitdefender had perfect scores is all categories except blocking of adware, where it missed five of the 20 samples used.

In the Q1 testing , MRG-Effitas awarded it a Level 1 certification, though, meaning it blocked all threats immediately or via behavior monitoring. Avast Unsurprisingly, AV-Test also found Avast percent effective against zero-day and widespread malware in August , as the industry average was percent during that time. Going back a month to July, AV-Test found it only The April results are worse. Avast maintained It has less than ideal performance results, too.

While Bitdefender also struggled when launching popular websites, AV-Test found Avast four percent slower while performing this same task. It was also slower when copying files but by a smaller margin.

AV-Comparatives found good results but not on the level of Bitdefender. During the testing of pieces of live malware in August , Avast was It had three false positives—the same as AVG which uses the same security infrastructure as you can read about in our AVG review.

Performance results from AV-Comparatives are excellent, though. It has maintained this rating since AV-Comparatives has tested the product, minus a small blip in October where it dropped to an advanced rating. MRG-Effitas gave it a Level 1 certification in its Q2 full spectrum analysis, meaning Avast blocked all threats immediately or via behavior protection.

Bitdefender and Avast switch positions in the Q1 testing, though, Bitdefender jumping from Level 2 to Level 1, and Avast dropping in the opposite direction. Round Four Thoughts Depending on the lab you reference, Bitdefender and Avast are close in protection results. Theoretically, the free version of Avast should provide you with the same protection, at least against malware. There are contact options over live chat, email and phone, as well as a deep knowledgebase, how-to videos and community forum.

The knowledgebase broken up between home and business products and then further by the individual products in those ranges. Bitdefender maintains articles as far as back as , so you can find support on dated pieces of software. Most articles have detailed instruction and screenshots, but some come with an accompanying video tutorial.

Direct support is excellent, too. Bitdefender responded to our email inquiry in less than six hours. If you need more immediate support, you can call Bitdefender around the clock. Live chat is AI controlled, meaning it will attempt to answer your question by pointing to articles in the knowledgebase. At any time during the chat, you can request to be transferred to a live agent.

Avast Avast has mediocre support. The focus is on DIY options with a confusing and restrictive contact system. The knowledgebase is strong, though, and the forums are active, even though dated. The knowledgebase is broken up by product, each offering around 20 entries. There are so few because Avast covers a lot of ground in each article. A single topic will get into the specifics on different operating systems, for example, each section including step-by-step instruction and screenshots.

Forums are active, but dated. The design is familiar and covers every product Avast offers. Contact options are severely lacking. Phone support is available for any pre-sales questions, but billing and technical support are reserved for email. An Avast agent will remotely access your machine, sweep it for problems and attempt to implement any solutions. Pile on top of that an abundance of contact options and a modern forum, the winner for this round is clear.

It covers all of the bases an antivirus should while maintaining a reasonable price point. While the distribution of products seems money hungry, the free plan is very generous. Do you like Avast or Bitdefender more? Let us know in the comments and, as always, thanks for reading.

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The antivirus engine is fast and efficient at cleaning viruses from your computer The firewall module offers excellent protection when you are connected to public networks The user interface has a nice design and is easy to use by beginners There are also many advanced settings for experienced users to enjoy Here are the not so positive aspects of Avast Premier: The web shield module does not work as it should, and it does not stop you from loading dangerous phishing websites There are no logs for detailed information about what happened on your computer The antivirus module does not automatically scan, nor ask if you want to scan removable drives for viruses The security suite installs a web browser extension that has nothing to do with security: Avast Safe Price. For positives, you get a good antivirus engine that can clean any infection, an excellent firewall module that can protect you against any network threat, and a user interface that looks good and is easy to use, especially for beginners. However, the antivirus engine does not react when you use removable media, the firewall module is only average when you use a private network profile, and the user interface lacks a good logs and statistics section.

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avast! has just about every security feature you could want, and then several more, but this free app will avast! for Android . Avast Premier. Download Avast Free Mobile Security Premium and protect your Android phone or tablet. Get the latest app from Google Play Store. For the HandBrake test, without Avast Premier installed, the test PC completed the job of converting a GB p MKV file to the Android.

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