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Avira Phantom VPN Pro helps to improve security in the anonymity of the Internet, to protect the connection through robust methods of encryption and access to all web sites and online services. Avira Phantom VPN is a new and effective application that offers all the benefits of virtual private networks in an unobtrusive way. Unlock forbidden sites and services and improve the security of Internet connections by using modern and secure the VPN-service.
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Avira Phantom VPN Pro Free 1 Year Subscription License

Register with your email address and you’ll get 1GB. You still won’t be able to stream anything much, but for occasional low-bandwidth use, perhaps while travelling, it might be enough. Upgrading to a paid account gets you unlimited data, DNS leak protection, a kill switch to reduce the chance of a data leak if the VPN connection drops, and technical support to keep everything running smoothly.

These prices are lower than some of the big-name competition. But there are much better deals around. Privacy and logging Avira Phantom VPN gets off to a good start in privacy terms with its no-registration-required free account.

The MB a month data allowance almost certainly won’t be enough, but the ability to pay for an annual plan via Bitcoin can also help to preserve your anonymity. Avira’s free plan doesn’t give you a kill switch, which means there’s a small chance your identity might be given away if the VPN connection drops. That’s not a problem if you upgrade, though, and the free and paid editions both give you capable DNS leak protection.

A support document gives some details on Avira’s logging policy , explaining that the service doesn’t track “your real IP address, the virtual locations IP addresses you use while surfing, the websites you visit [and] any information that can link you to an action, such as downloading a file.

But none of that constitutes any significant privacy risk, and many commercial VPNs record similar details, and often even more. There’s nothing wrong with the launcher – it’s a simple way to view and manage all your Avira products from one place – but if you’re only using Phantom VPN, it’s just not necessary.

The launcher can be safely ignored, though, and otherwise the client looks and feels much as you would expect. Launch it from a system tray icon, and click a button to connect to the nearest VPN server, or choose your preferred option from a list. The location picker is relatively basic, with no ability to view servers within a country, and no Favorites system. Location ping times help choose the best server for you, though, and switching servers is also very simple.

There’s no need to close the current connection before you can start another, just choose a new location and Avira automatically reconnects for you. A minimal Settings dialog enables launching the client when Windows starts, enabling a kill switch to block internet traffic if the VPN drops bizarrely, this is turned off by default , and a limited ability to automatically protect connections to wireless networks.

These features are all worth having, but experts might miss the lack of low-level options and tweaks they’ll often get elsewhere. Otherwise, though, the mobile apps work much the same, though with a few less features no ping times on the location list, no kill switch , although you can still have the app automatically protect connections on insecure wireless hotspots. The Android app also seemed to misbehave on our test system by occasionally refusing to disconnect, no matter how often we hit the Turn VPN Off button.

We don’t see others complaining about the same issue, so perhaps it was a temporary problem, or something relating to our test system. That’s still not good news, though – we’ve tested multiple VPNs on the same system, and this was the first time we’ve ever had an issue. Performance Connecting to Avira Phantom VPN locations sometimes took longer than expected, even with nearby servers – anything up to 15 seconds. There were no timeouts or connection errors, though – we always got connected, eventually.

Download speeds from our nearest UK server were surprisingly low, averaging 27Mbps on a 75Mbps line. Near European countries were much faster, with the Netherlands giving us Mbps, and even Poland delivered better results with an average of 31Mbps. Even the longer distance connections performed better than we expected, with Brazil averaging 32Mbps and Australia giving us Mbps. Save yourself a packet with our exclusive Avira Phantom VPN offer here Netflix Avira doesn’t make any specific claims about Phantom VPN’s ability to access geoblocked content, so we tried logging into a few restricted websites to see what would happen.

We could visit the site while connected to Avira’s UK location, but when we tried to stream content, were told “This content is not available in your location. Netflix is one of the most well-protected websites, and Phantom VPN wasn’t able to give us access. Whatever server we tried, we saw nothing more than the usual stern ‘you seem to be using an unblocker or proxy’ error message. This can change week to week, though, as a VPN changes IPs and Netflix moves to block them, so it’s always worth checking yourself for the latest status.

What you actually get is a search engine which by default returns matching threads from the user forum. There’s some useful information to be found there, but it doesn’t begin to match the professional content from a provider such as ExpressVPN. There are knowledgebase articles, but they’re often just as basic. For example, the FAQ on what to do if you get a ‘cannot connect to server’ error is to try another server, or reinstall the app.

Gee, thanks. Free users get no further help, but if you’ve paid for Phantom VPN Pro then you can get support via phone or email. We would prefer live chat for its speed and the ability to keep a history of what you’ve discussed, but phone support could be a big help for novice users, and overall, it’s a definite plus for the service.

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Data authentication: SHA Handshake encryption: Go there for details about competing products and how we tested them. The free service is limited to megabytes per month, but you get most of the same features you do with the paid version. The three things the free version lacks are unlimited bandwidth, an internet kill switch, and tech support. Yes, this location list could be easier for users to find.

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