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Editor Rating: What is Bandicam? Bandicam is a tool designed for creating screenshots, capture image from a webcam and video recording from the desktop. The program can be successfully used to create video presentations and record gameplays.
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Bandicam Screen Recorder

Is there Bandicam for Mac? You may wonder, what is Bandicam? Bandicam is a screen and game recorder for Windows. It’s such a powerful screen recorder that so many Mac users want to install Bandicam on Mac. Unluckily, Bandicam is an exclusive Windows software; in another word, it is no available for Mac.

Don’t feel disappointed, as there are perfect Bandicam alternatives for Mac! You May Like: Moreover, it is even easier to use than Bandicam, with simplified interface. Gameplay recording The Mac screen recorder can simultaneously record your screen and your webcam to capture your gaming. Like Bandicam, it’s possible to capture games in full screen or customized screen with or without webcam. Then you can share the recorded videos to YouTube, Vimeo, or any platform you need.

Also, the FonePaw recorder allows you to record your own voice via microphone on Mac. Screen recording Besides gameplay, you can record any other screen activities on your Mac. Similar to Bandicam’s real-time drawing feature, you can add annotations to the screen during the recording, including texts, arrows and drawing. And the recorder can also work as a snapshot tool, allowing you to take a screenshots of your Mac. Webcam recording FonePaw Screen Recorder supports webcam recording.

So it is perfect for capture online video calls, such as FaceTime, Skype calls. Every precious moment when chatting with friends or families can be recorded.

Tutorial recording For presenters, especially those who are going to show the app tutorials, the FonePaw recorder can add mouse clicks effects to highlight mouse cursors and clicks and help you better demonstrate the tutorial steps.

Of course, it’s also designed for those who need to make a presentation with PowerPoint. The most important part out of all its features is that it is very easy for everyone to use. Download it right now and try recording your Mac screen in only 4 steps!

Download Step Two: Activate Webcam, Microphone or Other Settings As showed on the recording panel, you can click the microphone button to enable microphone to add your voice to the videos. Click the second button which looks like a webcam. A webcam window will pop up that can capture your face. You can move the webcam window to any place you want. Step Three: Select Mac Screen Area to Record Click the third button, then drag your mouse to adjust the recording area or you can click one of the presets to select a recording screen.

Step Four: When recording, click the pencil button then you can add annotations, drawing, texts or arrows. By the way, the screenshot button works whether it is recording or not.

Click the stop button to stop the recording. Step Five: Preview Recorded Videos After recording, you can find the recorded video in media manager, by clicking the button at the top-right corner. The reason why Bandicam is so popular is that it’s powerful but newbie friendly. As its best alternative for Mac, FonePaw Screen Recorder is also very rich-featured and user-friendly. It is a great alternative for Bandicam to record screen on Mac.

Screen Recorder Record desktop activites with audios and webcam. You’re able to take a note and snapshot when recording.

Meet the Best Screen Recording Software for any occasion!

If you’re not the professional type, then you’ll need something easy to use and master that can adapt even to a less than stellar hardware configuration. If that’s the case, here’s something that might catch your eye. I smell Direct3D Bandicam is a video and image recording software program. The work flow is quite simple. You select the desired window, then click on the big recording button. You can then resume recording if you want, because Bandicam automatically saves your recordings to a preset locations. No prompting.

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Bandicam, free download. Video recorder software for Windows: Screen video recording software which can record a defined area. Review of Bandicam with a . Buy Bandicam [Download]: Read Software Reviews – Bandicam is a great screen and game recorder. However, there is no Bandicam for Mac. Download Bandicam alternative to record Mac screen.

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