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Edge Anti-mining protection With the advancement of digital currency and blockchain technologies, many websites make money by implanting Cryptominer instead of displaying advertisement. If you visit a website with built-in Cryptominer script, the bursting CPU usage may crash your system or destabilize your PC performance as a result. Anti-mining Protection terminates the execution of mining script to ensure the system work smoothly and avoids the performance impact by Cryptomining. Although these kind of unauthorised behaviors and resource occupations do not involve identity or privacy theft, it affects your web browsing experience and PC performance and should still be blocked. Currently, it is capable of saving files from more than 80 ransomware, including GlodenEye and Petya.
bitdefender total security free download full version

BitDefender Total Security 2018

This software company Bitdefender develops anti-virus software and sell them worldwide. Bitdefender was the leading anti-virus software in the world in the past many years. Features of Bitdefender Total Security Antivirus As we all know there are so many harmful and powerful Malware and malicious files available over the internet which can damage your PC in a few seconds.

To fight these notorious malware files an absolute power is required which is available in Bitdefender Total Security. It keeps you secured from every malware such as Worms, Trojans, Viruses, Rootkits, and spyware etc.

With this Anti-Malware software installed the privacy of your PC is in good hands. Now we are going to discuss some key features of the Bitdefender Total Security which are as follows: Secure Browsing: This feature is used to keep your searched results safe to access before you even click on them. Bitdefender Total Security consists of very effective anti-theft tools for your PC or tablet, it is also remotely accessible from anywhere in the world via Bitdefender Total Security account.

This feature is very efficient and powerful to keep you away from Frauds. Battery Mode: This feature is very useful and intelligent in saving the battery of your PC and tablet by temporarily setting your device settings such as the display, system cooling on Bluetooth connection.

Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection Improved: With the help of this feature you can put multiple layers of protection over the sensitive documents so that these documents could be safe from a malicious program that asks you for ransom on your files. Webcam Protection: This feature stops your webcam leaks and takes control over the webcam of your PC Personal Computer or tablet. Bitdefender Total Security also notifies you if any of the apps on your PC or Tablet are trying to use the webcam and also gives you the authority to block such apps.

Password Manager: This feature of Bitdefender Total Security stores your password, your personal information such as credit cards and other sensitive or personal data in another secured folder from where you can easily access them whenever it is required for you. This feature of Bitdefender Total Security also allows you to auto-fill online forms and it can also recommend you with the strong and secure password for your important stuff.

Read also: Bitdefender Total Security Free Trial 3 Months Bitdefender Total Security offers an extended trial version of Bitdefender Total Security Totally original software without any fake serial numbers or license key required for activation of Bitdefender Total Security So, instead of getting 30 days, Bitdefender Total Security is offering you 90 days of a free version of this software.

This single software completely protects your computer from any type of harmful files or applications that can harm your PC Personal Computer or Tablets. Bitdefender Total Security for 6 Months Free Bitdefender Total Security allows you to download its free version for 6 months for free with limited time offer. This pack includes Anti-theft and all of the data protection tools. This pack also consists of data recovery tools which are used to recover your device in case of the data loss or data theft by any hacker.

It also consists of the performance tools which can be used to boost up the performance of your device and also preserve the battery life of your device in which the Bitdefender Total Security is installed. After the 6 months of free usage of this awesome and powerful software. Your free time period will expire and after that, you will have to buy its service on the monthly bases.

All of these monthly packages are mentioned in the Website of the Bitdefender Total Security. These packages will also give you several offers and access to the items that were locked in the free version of this anti-malware software.

There are also other apps out there but many are controversial and come pre-installed such as McAfee Security Scan Plus. Many people uninstall the ones that come with their purchases. Now I am going to answer this simple question running in your mind. In this 21st century, people are getting to know more and more about the computer system and there are a group of people who have created many types of viruses and they are also available for MAC OS.

Download Bitdefender Total Security Full Version Free 90 day Trial In this article, we talked about really amazing anti-malware software available for every device in every platform.

It is the software which will not do any harm to your device. In fact, it will optimize your device and increase its performance. I highly recommend you to download Bitdefender Total Security Full Version trial because it is better to have all the activated and updated features from the official website because sometimes the third party websites contain harmful executable files which will only harm your computer instead of solving it.

So, that was all the information that I was able to gather for this best software.

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DownloadFrom publisher site Bitdefender Total Security Bitdefender Total Security is all in on anti malware, anti spyware solution for your security needs. Total security has been redesigned and make it more powerful to ensure protection from viruses, Trojans, malware, adware, spyware, whether these security threats come from USB, Internet or local area network. Once you installed Bit defender total security you will be totally protected against threats. Bitdefender has user friendly interface, once you installed it you will experience user friendly interface. Furthermore it allows you one click optimization. Bit defender total security has ultra fast scanning engine. Thanks to bitdefender photon technology, scanning process is now optimized in relation to your PC configuration so speed and performance remain unaffected.

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Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition, Antivirus Plus, Family Pack, Internet Security and Total Security are now available as a free download. Bitdefender Total Security Free Download setup file for Windows either having Software Full Name and Version: Bitdefender Total Security Version Bitdefender Total Security Antivirus is the best antivirus to download in full version. It comes with a free 6 months, 3 months and day.

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