Here’s how you can run Android apps on your Chrome Browser

Tap here advertisement It used to be that when you wanted to port Android apps to your laptop, the best way if not the only way to do it was to install the infamous Bluestacks software. Yes, it did get the job done for the most part but it slowed down your laptop, sometimes going as far as making it barely usable. Considering it was the easiest way to go about it, you chose to stick with it, through and through. Which made perfect sense…until now.
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Estimated Download Time: These are the minimum requirements in order to run this software. Optimize Settings Change the BlueStacks memory settings from your system registry as shown below: Locate the following Registry sub-key: Delete the old value; replace it with Click OK. Usually, these files are deleted after you close the program. However, some program malfunction may cause traces to accumulate over times, and affect your system performance.

Deleting these files is safe. Exit BlueStacks. Click the File Explorer icon on your Taskbar. Open up the following location: Go to the following directory: Perform Disk-CleanUp Your computer may be overloaded with tons of unnecessary files. Delete all temporary system files, setup extracted contents, and other miscellaneous files.

Double-click This PC icon on Desktop. Right-click the system drive, usually drive C: Click the Disk CleanUp button in General tab. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Try uninstalling and re-installing the software. This helped some users. Click the Start button, and then Settings. Click the Apps icon. Select the BlueStacks from the list of installed applications, and then uninstall it. Reboot your computer after uninstall is finished. Download the latest installer from the official website and install it on your computer.

Update Graphics Driver It is a good practice to regularly update your drivers. A handy tool in Windows, called Device Manager, can be very useful.

Expand the top node in the left-hand side panel. Expand the Video Card device category. Right-click your video card, select Update driver software. After successful completion, restart your computer. Fire up the Task Manager, an application monitoring tool in Windows, and terminate the program process.

Right-click the Taskbar, select Task Manager. Click Show Details, and then the Startup tab. Right-click the Blue Stack Agent process, select Disable option. Temporarily disabling your Antivirus might help. Right-click the system tray icon of your Antivirus program, select Disable option.

Bluestacks Download For Chromebook

I touched the Huawei Mate X and I have 3 concerns about folding phones Google is currently working with a handful of developers to bring a few Android apps to Chrome OS—but why wait for the pokey process to bear fruit? You can run any Android app on your Chromebook today. Google’s goal is to get every Android app running on a Chromebook. In practice, the runtime is still in development and some apps crash—especially since Google’s Android backend services aren’t present on a Chromebook—but many apps already work just fine. Skype’s Android app running in Chrome OS, complete with notifications in the lower-right corner. Nobody tell Microsoft!

VIDEO: How to Run Android Apps Inside Chrome on Any Desktop Operating System

I’ve uninstalled chrome, restarted bluestacks, checked for updates, installed chrome beta, uninstalled, reinstalled chrome. Still doesn’t work in. I’m now working on Cordova project and use NetBeans + Chrome inspect for debugging. Running projects from NetBeans in android. Of course you don’t need to be running Chrome OS to use Android apps, Bluestacks installs and sets up much easier than ARC Welder.

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