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Can’t think of much else, other than there’s a page on adobe’s website where you can get CS2 for free no joke. They say it’s intended for peeps who bought CS2 and need to use it again for whatever reason cuz the activation servers for CS2 were shut down. Didn’t stop me. I wonder if the page is still up. If you really feel up for it you can try using CS2.
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August 19, at 7: This document lists various Photoshop versions and the last compatible version of ACR for each: Darsh October 28, at 2: Oh but wait, if I quit your service I have nothing to show for my money. Games are doing this to too.

Buy a game and then you have a huge download update, at least games do it for free. So, let me get this straight… I have to pay a monthly subscription to your service, pay for fast internet so I can even download the damn program, be annoyed if I have to reinstall for any reason, download again.

Way to go Adobe. This makes me want to just stop being creative altogether. Argha August 28, at 3: My question is why this is happening? I had Gtx previously which was lower end GPU everything was working good. So why the hell I upgraded my gpu?

I figured out My GPU is working fine enough tested but there is a bug in these package of software. Both of them says everything is passed like open gl 4.

Then where is the glitch? Why this is happening only on desktop gpu not the notebook? Can adobe provide a strong package like no glitch or bug? Iris October 1, at 1: Installando la versione 9. Ho dei rallentamenti casualmente anche in lightroom.

Lei ha risolto? Grazie Iris.

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Adobe photoshop is very proclaimed now a days: User Interface. The first thing you will notice when you first open Photoshop CS6, is the new look. There is a new dark User Interface.

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