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FxSound Enhancer formerly DFX Audio Enhancer is an up-to-date tool helping you to improve the audio quality of your favorite media players. Install this application to your computer and enjoy HD quality sound! The FxSound Enhancer supports almost any application playing audio streams from Internet browsers to media players.
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Old versions of DFX Audio Enhancer

When music is compressed, sound quality is lost. FxSound Enhancer automatically restores lost sound quality to provide you high definition music.

FxSound Enhancer also uses 3D surround sound, which adds more depth to your favorite songs and you will feel surrounded by rich sounds every time you listen to music. The FxSound Enhancer Plus supports almost any application playing audio streams from Internet browsers to media players. The software whose performance can be improved with FxSound Enhancer includes: There are many reasons why installing FxSound Enhancer Plus to your computer is a good idea.

First of all, this application performs harmonic fidelity restoration and eliminates artifacts caused by data compression. By regenerating the missing high fidelity information, the specific muffled sound will disappear. FxSound Enhancer features: You can also select from a curated list of presets designed for your favorite music genres.

Mediocre speakers make for a mediocre experience — Average quality PC speakers make it hard to fully enjoy your music. Compressed music kills sound quality — MP3s and streamed music are all heavily compressed to shrink the size of the audio files. It saves money for Apple, YouTube and Spotify at the cost of severely diminishing your listening experience. Listen to high definition music with ease — FxSound enhances the sound quality of your music instantly.

So long as there is audio playing on your PC, FxSound will automatically optimize it without any playback delay. High Definition Audio — FxSound Enhancer instantly restores lost fidelity in low quality music tracks to deliver rich, clear and booming sound. Listen — Turn FxSound on and immediately hear the difference in sound quality. Relax — FxSound automatically optimizes your listening experience.

Just sit back and enjoy. Optimize for low quality tracks — Streaming services like YouTube, Spotify and Pandora use low quality music, because it saves them money on bandwidth and data costs. With FxSound you get a high definition listening experience no matter how bad the quality of a song was previously.

By default installation directory: FxSound Enhancer Plus


River, and many others. You can also find many others list as you want is available free of cost on the official website. If you believe in yourself as well as on the authors of this software. Really, you will get fun after installing this plug-in and launching it? DFX Audio Enhancer Crack keygen is the best audio enhancer tool that helps to produce HD sound quality on your system by maximizing it with various powerful features and tools. Moreover, its installation is not complex. Even, the beginner can install and enjoy its amazing sound clarity.

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