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SPSS Amos make it easy to create models and graphs of the assumed relationships among variables in different projects using behavioral and behavioral models. Regression analysis, Bayesian estimates on any kind of source data is possible. SPSS Amos version
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This is where we will post raw images. We invite you to download them, do your own image processing, and we encourage you to upload your creations for us to enjoy and share. For those of you who have contributed — thank you! Your labors of love have illustrated articles about Juno, Jupiter and JunoCam. Your products show up in all sorts of places.

I have used them to report to the scientific community. We are writing papers for scientific journals and using your contributions — always with appropriate attribution of course. Some creations are works of art and we are working out ways to showcase them as art.

The set of 28 images taken were designed to find optimal viewing geometries and camera settings. For example, we took 4 images of the north pole. We imaged at two different geometries, looking directly down at the pole and looking at closest range at a more oblique angle, to see which would give us the best results.

We ran through a similar set of tests for the south pole. Another comparison we made was to test different compression settings. To get enough photons for an image we need to use a very long exposure. In some images this results in scattered light in the image. For science purposes we will simply crop out the portions of the image that include this artifact. Work is in progress to determine exactly what conditions cause stray light problems so that this can be minimized for future imaging.

Gallery Organization The gallery displays images from JunoCam itself, as well as uploads from the community. You will see both raw and processed versions of the images as they become available.

Examples of processed images are shown; most contributions are from amateurs. The detector has multiple filter strips, each with a different bandpass, bonded directly to its photoactive surface. Each strip extends the entire width of the detector, but only a fraction of its height; Junocam’s filter strips are pixels wide and about rows high.

The filter strips are scanned across the target by spacecraft rotation. At the nominal spin rate of 2 RPM, frames are acquired about every milliseconds. Junocam has four filters: The spacecraft spin rate would cause more than a pixel’s worth of image blurring for exposures longer than about 3. TDI vertically shifts the image one row each 3. Up to about TDI steps can be used for the orbital timing case while still maintaining the needed frame rate for frame-to-frame overlap. For Earth Flyby the light levels are high enough that TDI is not needed except for the methane band and for nightside imaging.

Junocam pixels are 12 bits deep from the camera but are converted to 8 bits inside the instrument using a lossless “companding” table, a process similar to gamma correction, to reduce their size.

All Junocam products on the missionjuno website are in this 8-bit form as received on Earth. Scientific users interested in radiometric analysis should use the “RDR” data products archived with the Planetary Data System, which have been converted back to a linear bit scale. Submission Guidelines We invite you to download raw JunoCam images posted here and do your own image processing on them. Be creative! Anything from cropping to color enhancing to collaging is fair game.

Then upload your creations here. We ask that you refrain from posting any patently offensive, political, or inappropriate images. Remember, this section is moderated so inappropriate content will be rejected. Have at it!

Featured Submissions

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