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If the file has just disappeared, it is very likely that you can restore it again by using file recovery software. This software from EaseUS has a very powerful free version, as well as the Pro version if you feel less satisfied with the free version. We are very satisfied using the free version because the important data that we usually want to recover is only in the form of documents, photos, and other small files. For this reason, this time this data recovery software and we want to help you to recover data loss. How to Restore Missing or Deleted Files If you notice that a file is missing or deleted either because of virus attack, accidentally deleted, hard drive problem, system crash, partition corrupt, formatted, or other reasons.
download easeus recovery wizard

Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

It will destroy your data” “SCAM! That’s it. Cons – The software does not work. It will let you “recover” the deleted file, but you’ll never get to open it because it will be corrupted beyond repair. No other software can help you get that file open. I contacted them right away to tell them what happened. They ignored me for 2 weeks. When I followed up and tweeted at them to make my issue public, they responded and told me my situation did not fit within their approved refund circumstances.

It did, as it was a technical issue and was listed in their approved circumstances online. They told me my file was gone because so much time had passed. They didn’t address that their software doesn’t work, and they didn’t address the fact that so much time had passed because they failed to respond to my first email 2 weeks ago.

When I called them out on it, they directed me to a forum for enhancing the performance of my Mac. Summary This software doesn’t work. It will “recover” your file but only the file name and corrupt it beyond repair. You’ll never get it open, even if you use other software to recover raw deleted data to piece it back together.

I wish I never downloaded this junk and wasted my money. My friend ran photorec which is free, open-source software on my mac the next day and recovered a bunch of deleted files which were still intact. It was great, but since I “recovered” the file I needed the day before using EaseUs, it didn’t get picked up by photorec. This is a scam, so don’t even bother.

I’m not sure at what point my file was corrupted, whether it was during the free trial stage or after I paid to use the program. I would avoid this software entirely.

Don’t even download it. Was this review helpful?

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How do you recover a photo or a video clip that the kids deleted? Any computer technician knows these high strung phone calls, about a file accidently deleted after hours of hard work, about that unique and lost video clip of your kid’s recital, etc. Not many know, but some costly computer technicians and file recovery firms simply use this kind of software program to locate lost files and to recover them. If you’re computer savvy enough, you’ll probably be able to retrieve your own files using this wizard without having to rely on external assistance. Software Review Recovers lost or accidentally deleted files Have you lost some valuable data due to a mistaken deletion, bad formatting, a partition loss or any other unfortunate reason? Easeus Data Reocovery Wizard will help you recover those lost files and bring them back for you to enjoy or work on once more.

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EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard can be quite slow in some operations, and it didn’t always locate the correct files in Download your copy now. Febr. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition Deutsch: Die Freeware “Easeus Data Recovery Wizard” kann Ihre gelöschten Daten. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition recovers deleted files, even if you’ve emptied the Recycling Bin or deleted them directly (and provided they haven’t.

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