HideMyAss VPN Client Review

VPN service on all your devices for one subscription. Securing and encrypting your internet connection has never been so easy. Choose your HMA!
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Secondary Menu HMA! Pro VPN 3. HideMyAss Vpn provides a reliable an uninterrupted encryption by changing your IP Address to any server across the globe. Product Review: Online Anonymity, Strong Encryption and Privacy security are the concerns under most of the circumstances for many web-surfers connected through a network.

What HMA is about to do for you is, to connect you to any imaginable server location of the choice and provides a flexible user interface to protect your personal information in a simplest and the easiest way.

Although the encryption connectivity could be experienced on multiple devices, but simultaneously only two connections are allowed by default. HMA Developing Team is in a desperate and an immediate need to fix it as their prime priority. Single subscription valid against multiple devices. More locations are added with newly added countries, taking them up to in number.

Allocating an address, which no one can trace back to you. Load balancing would let you know, which server is burden off at the moment. Graphical suggestions to choose nearest locations for fastest internet speed possible.

Comprehensive solutions for an environment where you have needed to keep identity stealers and spoofers, away. Server maps to identity the location from your physical address. IP checking via third-party websites to ensure your foolproof safety. Flexible pricing plans.

Random server selection and IP Scheduling. Even More…. Pertinent Product Details: VPN Service. Updated Here On:

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This lets you spoof your real location with a virtual one, as well as secure your web browsing habits from prying eyes such as a nosy Internet service provider ISP or a hacker looking for victims on public Wi-Fi. The company also logs the amount of data transmitted and records the IP address of the VPN server that you used. The best wireless routers ] Privax says it does not collect any details of the websites you visit, nor does it monitor your activity on those sites. I had no trouble loading websites, and I was able to stream Netflix flawlessly with dozens of active browser tabs open at the same time. The default view is Location Mode, which allows you to connect via a specific country or even city.

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Easy to use and reasonably priced, but Hide My Ass lacks the finesse and performance of rival VPN services. Hide My Ass! protects you from hackers and spies – and lets you watch your favorite TV shows and films from anywhere. Download our free VPN for Windows, . What’s New? HMA Pro-Safe Download & VPN Free. HMA PRO VPN Latest Version. It Works with Windows variants. Users alternative.

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