How to Remove the Lock Screen on Samsung Galaxy Phone

Connect dr. How To “I’ve forgotten my Android phone’s lock. Is there a way to remove the lock and don’t lose my data? Don’t worry. You can try dr.
dr fone android lock screen removal free download


The new characteristics of new designs and interaction on S8 to give people a sense of bright eyes. Samsung Galaxy S8 is Samsung mobile phone in recent years is one of the biggest changes in appearance, a high screen accounted for hyperboloid screen than that with the market all the mobile phone in the design of distinction, with its Bixby, iris, facial and other human-computer interaction, the Samsung Galaxy S8 as full advantages.

Even if Samsung S8 has such a powerful unlock technology, you also have to do the preparation can not unlock. Because this is a common problem in the use of mobile phones. So what do you do? Here, I recommend a focus on the mobile phone industry software — dr. This is a very powerful tool. You can use it to solve almost all problems in the use of mobile phones, such as system repair, data recovery, data backup, screen unlock and so on. So, using dr. Running the dr.

At the same time, using data lines to connect your Samsung Galaxy phone to PC, make sure that you have USB debugging enabled on your mobile phone. Step 2. Select device type As everyone knows, there are different types of mobile phone system configuration and different package. So choose the right type of mobile phone is very important. You can find your own mobile phone type in the list and select it. Step 3. Turn off the phone. Press volume to enter download mode. Step 4. Download the recovery pack and delete the lock screen When you enter the Samsung mobile phone download mode, it will automatically download the recovery package.

Recovery packages after the download is complete, dr. After the delete process, you can freely open your Samsung Galaxy Phone without having to enter any password, and unlimited access to all the data on the device.

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Many Android smart phone users like this function for the protection of their private information. However, due to the complexity of various lock types, you may forget them sometimes. Then you will wonder how to remove locked screen on Android like Anna: Anyone knows how to unlock Android phone like Samsung with no data loss? Several ways for you to remove screen lock pin, pattern, password or fingerprint on Android.

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This article will introduce top 5 free Android pattern/sim/bootloader unlock software for you. 3. (Android)—Simple Android Screen Lock Remover The KingoRoot includes the Android SDK and will download the USB driver. Disable lock screen in Android – pattern, PIN, password & fingerprints. You can try – Android Lock Screen Removal to unlock your Android Android Toolkit – Unlock. Try It Free. Secure Download, Trusted by Million users. This guide introduces how to remove your android lock screen, no matter it’s Hold your Android in hand and enter download mode as below: 1. from Wondershare is the best phone unlocking software to remove . It all depends on which tool or applications best serves the purpose of bypassing lock screens on.

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