AOMEI Backupper vs EaseUS Todo Backup Server

By reallocating disk space, you get better organized data and can balance the server workload so it performs as you expect it to. Partition while the server is running in Windows Server , , , If your computer unexpectedly powers off during the partition adjustment, Partition Recall Protection will cancel the operation and safely restore the partition to its original status.
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EaseUS todo 6 backup review

It works to ensure the continued operation of Windows Server at a high performance. Flexible Backup Plans Make it scalable. A variety of backup options allow you to create customizable plans to protect your business data as best suited for your environment. Create plans that combine full, differential, and incremental backups to achieve perfect balance of coverage.

Cloud Backup Back up files and outlook to popular cloud storage services like OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox for accessibility and to free up disk space. Allows you to keep your Outlook emails and business data intact and organized. Hot Backup Perform data backup jobs while the database is actively online and in operation. Effective PXE Server Drastically reduce your daily workload and handle dozens of computers at one time.

Email Notification EaseUS backup software keeps administrators fully informed about their backup jobs. Monitor backup status in real-time or review the backup reports that are automatically emailed.

Backup to Multiple Destinations You can select a multitude of backup destinations: Sector by sector clone Clones may be performed on a sector by sector basis, which ensures that the clone is an exact copy of the original. This can help to avoid problems with hidden data created by certain applications or the system administrator.

Simplifying your disk clone operations. System clone Clone the OS from another hard drive to quickly realize a system on a new drive without having to install anything. This is the best way to upgrade your hard drive to a larger one or an SSD—get your system set up with all of your original user settings. Safely Restore System and Files in Minutes System transfer to dissimilar hardware Users can restore backups on entirely dissimilar hardware.

So long as there is enough available space on the drive, just one click brings fast hardware replacement to any kind of hard drive. Backup restores have no unexpected data loss. Disaster recovery protects your crucial business data Recover data and system from unexpected disasters like computer failure, system crash, virus attack, formatted partitions, accidental deletions, and more.

Creating similar backup jobs requires only a few modifications to your original plan. Export your customized backup tasks and import on other machines, eliminating the need to configure many backup tasks.

All in one server for backups

Server backup software specially made for IT professionals Specialized SQL backup software EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server enables you to create reliable backup strategies across enterprise database environments to deliver continuous protection of crucial business data. Efficiently allows for multiple SQL databases to be backed up in a single procedure. Dedicated Exchange Server backup software Microsoft Exchange Server is often used for inter and intra-business communication. Making an automated, regular backup of MS Exchange Server data mitigates the risk of losing important information. Furthermore, backups can be made for other server-level data types, such as shared projects and databases, to make consistent server backups for restoring or even moving entire servers a simple procedure.

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Compare AOMEI Backupper vs EaseUS Todo Backup Server and other vendors. Get features, price, and user reviews at a glance with detailed information. As free Partition Magic and Partition Magic Server alternative, EaseUS Partition Master software is the best hard drive free partition manager and partition. Free Download EASEUS Partition Master Server – A partition solution and disk management software utility especially created for server users.

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