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All opinions about Elfster and our gift exchange are completely my own. In fact, more than 5. My super-busy sister who happens to be a music teacher with hardly any free time is able to coordinate the entire gift exchange without any stress. At all.
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How to organise Secret Santa with your phone

Secret Santa Name Picker The best Secret Santa games are silly right from the get go but, of course, you want to create an experience that is executed flawlessly, as well.

You don’t want Gary from accounting to get confused and accidentally buy an ergonomic nose flute for his musical colleague Sandra when he’s supposed to be picking out a gift for Renaldo, the tarantula-loving receptionist. Your Secret Santa should be full of the spirit of holiday fun, right from the start, no matter what season of the year it is.

The first step in adding a sense of whimsy to the game is to choose a cool way to draw names for your gift exchange. You can throw away that bowl you usually have people pull scraps of paper from; this year, use one of these unexpected Secret Santa name picker ideas, or come up with one of your own. Your gift exchange will be memorable from the moment it kicks off to the moment when the last gift is unwrapped… even if that gift is yet another cleverly-sloganed coffee mug.

Fortune Cookie Fun: For our first Secret Santa name picker idea, take some inspiration from the world-famous fortune cookie. Write the names of everyone participating in the Secret Santa on small strips of paper. Then, bake up some fortune cookies or purchase some store bought ones , tucking a name into each cookie. Display the fortune cookies on a tray so each participant can pick one out and break it open to reveal the name of who they will be playing Secret Santa for.

Keep a few empty fortune cookies on hand so that if someone ends up with their own name you can just slip the fortune into the gap at the edge of the fortune cookie, then add it back to the tray.

Of course, all your friends and family can also munch on their cookies, making this name picking ceremony extra sweet! In fact, I usually hold some back for my husband and I. So why not bring that same spirit of fun to another holiday? Buy some plastic Easter eggs, preferably colored red, green, or white.

Decorate them with holiday colors and flair—we’re talking glitter glue, sequins, and puffy paint, people. Fill each one with the name of a Secret Santa participant, then hide them around the house, office, or another meeting location. When someone finds an egg, the name of the person they’ll play Secret Santa for will be inside.

For groups that love puzzles and games, personalized word searches are an engaging way to select names for Secret Santa.

Use an online word search generator to create a unique word search for each person participating in the Secret Santa game. Hand the word searches out to everyone, along with a colorful pen, and have them start searching. And, the first person to find all of the hidden words in their search gets a small prize, like a box of chocolates or a gift card to a local coffee joint.

Choose an intriguing topic, like a favorite movie franchise, a genre of music, a sports team—anything that is loved by your participating family and friends. Then, make a full deck of 52 trivia cards.

Each card should have a question on one side that you’ll read out loud. Separately, write each participant’s name on its own piece of paper, fold it up, and number it. At the party, read the trivia cards out loud to your group. Whenever someone answers a question correctly, they get to collect that card.

The person with the most cards gets the piece of paper with the highest number on it, the person with the second most cards gets the second highest number, etc. The Virtual Picker: An Online Secret Santa Name Draw I do everything online, from scheduling dentist appointments to ordering toys for my cat even if she likes the boxes they come in more than the actual toys themselves.

So why not try to virtually organize a Secret Santa game as well? You can personalize the theme of your swap and set spending limits. And, the exchanges are made to be super-intuitive, so even participants who are still getting their internet sealegs like my gramps will have fun getting involved. Elfster actually helps people get engaged with Secret Santa as an event beyond the actual exchange itself. Each person playing can set up a wish list. To get started, just create a new exchange , including a description of the event and a price limit, then invite all of the participants via email.

Each person who joins in will be automatically assigned a gift recipient and can fill out a wish list online. Anyone who needs a refresher course in Secret Santa gameplay can also take a look at the Secret Santa rules. Elfster takes care of all of the logistics online while keeping your friends and family engaged and excited about the upcoming exchange.

Kick the whole event off right with these Secret Santa name picker ideas that go above and beyond the old drawing names from a hat schtick. Ready to take the next step in creating a memorable Secret Santa? Let the Elves help!

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Elfster is definitely a fun-looking website, and works hard to create the festive excitement of a gift exchange with friendly emails inviting you to join the exchange, a bright pink site, pictures of elves and more. Once you sign up I did this after responding to my invite email to join this specific gift exchange you get a personal Elfster profile, which means you can take part in multiple gift exchanges using the same profile. Ah the wishlist. I think this is simply supposed to be a source of inspiration for your Santa pairings, but somehow on Elfster the wishlist seems to have evolved into a full Pinterest-style system of linking to specific products you like. Depending on how active you are on Elfster this could very easily end up as a very long list indeed!

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Here at Gamification Co. we couldn’t just have our staff draw names out online Secret Santa exchange called Elfster a social network which. The #1 Secret Santa Generator and Christmas Wish List Sharing App for Wish Lists, holidays and more! Invite Friends – Draw Names – Exchange Gifts – the top. It’s Fast, Easy & Free; Never Draw Yourself (or a Spouse); Share Wish Lists For Elfster’s online Secret Santa allows you to draw names so quickly and easily.

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