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Looking for nookie seductive adult emojis? Don’t know how to share your nooky, sexy and provocative intentions for tonight? Spice up romance in your love relationship. Express your naughty and romantic mood.
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Adult Emoji Icons – Funny & Flirty Emoticons

It is a free app which developed by Visixtwo Ltd. Emoji has become important part of our life as most of us love chatting and without emoji it is boring.

These small pics adds some extra feelings and spices to the conversation. Emoji are sometimes more expressive as compared to the words. There are many adults or we can say sexy emoji apps available in the market and in this review post we will tell you all about Adam and Eve, which is naughty emoji application which is easy to use and this sexy emoji application has some really naughty and exotic emojis.

Let us explore more about this free app in below part of the post. However, it is only available for iOS platform only, it is not available for other mobile platforms like Android and Windows. To make things more clear to you we are providing some snap which we took while using the app.

Have a look to these snaps. Just download the app and after downloading it you have to add it in keyboard setting option. You can anytime can see tutorial about the application, here is snap. Here are some snaps which we took from app have a look. We hope you have read all the above points carefully and will take steps accordingly.

To make things better we are discussing some pros and cons too associated with this free adult emoji app have a look to these points carefully and take action accordingly. Let us discuss some good things first before going to cons have a look at these points and take action accordingly. It is a free application. Unlike other apps in the same niche the developers of this application are not charging a single penny for the service. It is a Visixtwo product which is a brand in the world of emojis.

It is very easy to use app. The interface of the keyboard provided by this emoji app is up to the mark. It is simple and easy to use. We did not notice any lag because of this emoji application. Cons Nothing is perfect in this world and so with this free adult emoji app.

Here are some cons associated with it have a look. It is not available for Android and Windows device and this is making this naughty emoji application out of the reach of half of the world population. The application is free, but the numbers of emojis are bit less. As you can see nothing too serious associated with Naughty Emoji — Adam and Eve application. We are sure the company will surely work on Android and Windows phone versions and these versions would be available soon in the coming time.

And talking about numbers of emojis, it should increase with time. Try it once and do exotic and naughty chat with your partner with the help of it and share your experience with us through likes, comments and share. Hope you like it thank you all for reading the post and please subscribe to our weekly or daily newsletter to know about new application.

Release Notes

View Screenshots 3,, naughty couples served! Spice up your texts and relationship with Adult emoji! Make naughty plans for tonight or simply show your partner some love. Enjoy this amazing adult emoji collection, considered best in its genre and ever-growing since If the keyboard doesn’t work properly writes “null” please remove it, then add it again:

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Woman. A woman of adult age. Differentiated from the girl emoji by the lack of pig -tails in her hair. Woman was approved as part of Unicode in and. Emoji aren’t sexy. They’re Right, so I noticed that the free set of Flirtmoji don’t have hair, and I was wondering about that decision. Is that. Think you know your Christmas movies? Test your movie knowledge with this fun printable Christmas emoji game! A fun Christmas game for all.

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