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How to connect to ExpressVPN using manual OpenVPN configurations

I will still leave this tutorial up in case someone might find it useful in the future. I’m happy to confirm that my top 3 recommended VPNs for China have been restoring servers for users in China very quickly and they each have a few servers that are working good right now. See the VPN in China blog for daily updates and server speed tests.

If you are having trouble connecting to ExpressVPN , you will need to log out of your account and then re-authenticate using the activation code from your account setup page on the ExpressVPN website.

If you are having trouble with VPN. Both were working very well. Unfortunately, the fastest servers have been blocked in China for the last few days. I was experimenting with different server locations and connection methods trying to find the fastest server to use and I discovered that Taiwan 3 was not blocked when connecting with the manual OpenVPN configuration although it’s blocked when using the app. If a server IP used by the app is blocked, sometimes the manual OpenVPN connection for the same server location will still work.

As these manual OpenVPN servers get used much less often, I suspect that they tend to stay “under the radar” of the GFW and don’t get blocked as easily. Another reason for using third party OpenVPN clients is that most of them are open source and considered the safest to use by security experts. The disadvantage of using these third party apps is that they lack many of the nice features of the ExpressVPN dedicated apps such as built-in server speed testing, kill switch, nice user interface, etc.

Only ExpressVPN and a few others have managed to figured this out. Ok, let’s get started. After you log into your account, go to the setup page and choose Manual Config as shown below. Download the configuration files for the servers that you want to connect to. I am just doing Taiwan 3 for this tutorial but you may want to set up a few different locations.

Leave this page open because you will need to come back here later to copy your username and password. Windows 10 is notorious for DNS leaks and the VPN will not working properly unless we add the block-outside-dns directive to the configuration file. Open the. Now save the file. If you rename the file, make sure that the file extensions stays as. Step 5 – Connect After importing the file, you should see a new server on the right-click menu. If I recall correctly, it won’t show you the file name when you only have 1 configuration imported.

It will just say “connect” or something. In my case, I already have many configurations imported so I can see the name of the file I imported on the bottom of the list.

Choose the Connect option as shown below. You will need to enter your username and password shown in step 2 the first time you connect. How to setup manual OpenVPN on Mac The instructions are almost exactly the same as Windows except there is no need to edit the configuration file to block DNS leaks before importing it.

The standard. And ExpressVPN is using the fragment directive in their config. I later found out that there is another OpenVPN app for Android that does support the fragment directive. Step 2 – Download the config files You can either download the. Or, you can download and edit directly on your Android. I am going to download the file directly on my Android and edit it using the QuickEdit app. Remove the line that starts with fragment or add the symbol to the beginning of the line.

Change the port to on the line that starts with “remote” the number at the end. Add another new line with text proto tcp-client.

Save the. Then choose the. Now enter your username and password shown in the ExpressVPN setup page see the Windows instructions for screenshot. Note – To enter the password, you need to choose the option “Save password”. Otherwise, you can only enter the username and it will ask you for the password each time you connect.

After you have entered everything, tap on ADD on the top right. Step 5 – Connect Now that you have imported and saved your profile with your username and password, just choose the profile and tap the toggle switch to connect. At first I couldn’t find a way to edit the. I found out that such a simple task is not possible on iOS. What a stupid POS operating system. Maybe it would have been possible if I installed iTunes on my computer, but that isn’t going to happen. Anyway, I was finally able to do it by downloading the Documents by Readdle app.

Open the setup page and choose Manual Config and then choose the configuration file that you want to set up. After you tap on the config file that you want, Choose the More Step 3 – Edit the config file with the Documents app After you choose More..

Choose Copy to Documents. If you don’t see it then you haven’t installed the Documents app yet. Now you should have the config file opened in the Documents app. We need to make the same changes as shown in the Android instructions.

Make the changes and then tap the This part is a little difficult. If you paste your username and then go back to Safari to copy your password, your username will be erased when you come back to the OpenVPN Connect app. You can only copy and paste either your username or password. I suggest copying and pasting your password because you can’t see the characters when you enter it easy to make a mistake and impossible to check. After you paste your password from the clipboard, enter your username manually I suggest writing it down on a piece of paper or viewing it on another device because it’s too long to remember.

After you enter your username and password, choose the option to save your password so you don’t have to enter it every time you connect. Finally, you can connect using the Connection button. Testing the speeds This tutorial wouldn’t be complete without doing some speed tests. Taiwan 3 server.

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Routers Linux 3 Simultaneous connections — ExpressVPN gives you to three simultaneous connections with all subscriptions, but you can use the VPN with an unlimited number of devices. Here is the exact clarification from ExpressVPN support: You can install or configure ExpressVPN on as many devices as you like i. If you want to use more than three devices with the VPN, there is a simple solution: You can get more information on all the ExpressVPN apps and support for other devices on their website here. This is the highest level of encryption that is currently considered unbreakable, while also offering good performance. Despite utilizing a very high standard of encryption perhaps overkill , ExpressVPN still offers excellent speeds, as shown in the speed tests above.

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Download and configure ExpressVPN for Windows. The client will let you setup an Internet kill switch, select a protocol, and run a speed test. Apps are available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux (command line), BEST FOR UAE & DUBAI:ExpressVPN is our top choice. .. accessing them in order to download a VPN service may trigger warnings and make. Download ExpressVPN for Firefox for Firefox. Control the ExpressVPN app for Windows, Mac and Linux from your browser: Connect and check your VPN status .

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