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Top Benefits of Incorporating Automated Workflow into Your Document Management Software Businesses usually have internal mechanisms through which processes such as purchase requests, supply orders and payment for goods and services received are subjected to before they can be approved. Organizations that are not yet paperless would have to physically take the documents to the different managers for approval. Online Storage As businesses grow, they often find that their local file servers have reached their end-of-life and they are now difficult to maintain.
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Scan Documents or Images FileCenter aims to make scanning as efficient and automatic as possible. You can scan straight to searchable PDF in one step. OCR runs automatically as part of the scanning process. Literally go from paper to a fully searchable PDF file in one mouse click.

For more flexibility, you can also adjust the scan parameters and options. New ScanSnap scans will go directly into your FileCenter cabinets. Just select a location in FileCenter, then scan with your ScanSnap. You’ll scan and save in one simple step. You also have the option to run OCR automatically on new scans to make them fully searchable.

All Editions Scanning Tools Scans don’t always come in the way you want them to. FileCenter provides a number of tools to improve your incoming scans. For example, automatically straighten crooked scans, or strip out blank pages. If you need to scan two-sided documents with a single-sided scanner, FileCenter can help you scan both sides and sort the pages intelligently. All tools and options are available on FileCenter’s Scan dialog.

FileCenter has image editing tools which work on any scanned image, even if it’s in a PDF. Erase stray marks and artifacts. Crop the image. Straighten crooked pages. A handful of useful tools will make your scans sharp and crisp. FileCenter Pro Plus has the solution: Clean up black borders, hole punch marks, stray specks, and crooked pages through an entire document with the click of a button.

Make those scanned documents look as sharp and professional as you are. FileCenter Pro Plus Scanning Profiles You’ll probably find that you’re always switching between a few different scanning options: Sometimes you scan in color, sometimes in black and white.

Sometimes you want duplex, other times you want single-sided scans. FileCenter makes it easy to switch between different configurations with Scanning Profiles. Just set up your most common scenarios, give them each a name, then when you scan just choose the scenario you want to use.

FileCenter will take care of applying the right settings for you. FileCenter will deposit the new scan right where it should go with no fuss or hassle. All Editions Scan to Word Sometimes all you want from a scan is the text. So why bother with a scanned file at all? FileCenter Professional features a Scan to Word option. With just one command, FileCenter will acquire a scan, run OCR to extract the text, and send the text straight to Word or your favorite word processor for editing.

FileCenter streamlines this by letting you scan directly to e-mail. Your new scan will be attached as a PDF to a new e-mail message, ready to be addressed and sent. That’s why FileCenter provides innovative Separators — special cover sheets you place on documents before you scan. Every time FileCenter runs across a separator sheet, it starts a new, unique file. A separator not only marks the beginning of a document, it can also instruct FileCenter where and how to save the document.

With separators, it is possible to scan, convert, separate, and auto-save large stacks of documents with one mouse click. Set up special rules that analyze the content to identify specific types of documents and route them accordingly.

You can use barcodes as document separators, optionally routing documents as well if a barcode contains a path. Alternatively, you can use barcode text in your dynamic file naming rules. FileCenter Pro Plus Document Bookmarking Sometimes you want to scan multiple documents into a single file, but have each document bookmarked. FileCenter allows you to add bookmarks when you combine documents or add a new scan to an existing file.

FileCenter’s separator technology also has bookmark support. Add bookmarks your documents instead of separating them. Just put a special cover sheet on each document and scan. A PDF bookmark will appear in its place. Cabinets “overlay” regular Windows directories, so you can view your existing files in cabinets without importing them. Cabinets can store any kind of Windows file. It’s completely transparent with FileCenter.

All network users can share the same cabinet simultaneously. Just put your cabinets on a shared network folder, then point all of your users to the shared cabinets.

Your users will all share the same files, and any changes by one user will be visible to everyone immediately. Concerned about security? FileCenter seamlessly inherits all of the folder and file security settings from Windows.

Keep using the security features you’re used to, but with better file organization! This means that your FileCenter files can viewed on your local PC, or when you’re on the go through your cloud provider.

Scanning to the cloud becomes so transparent and automatic, FileCenter doesn’t even require a separate feature to do it. All Editions Inbox For users and offices that receive a steady inflow of files to a specific folder, FileCenter offers an Inbox feature. An inbox shows the inbound file folder on top and your regular cabinets on the bottom, making it easy to move the incoming files into your cabinets. Combine this feature with Naming Options and the Drop Renaming feature, and you can literally organize and rename dozens of incoming files with a simple drag-and-drop.

All Editions File Preview How often do you open a file just to check if it’s the file you want? Let’s face it, when you’re hunting for a file you need to see what you’re looking for. FileCenter’s built-in preview window gives you real-time previews of files as you click on them. Preview many common kinds of files without opening them, including office documents, spreadsheets, PDF files, scans, faxes, pictures, and more.

FileCenter Standard features fast text-only preview for common Office files, and preview for image files. FileCenter Professional takes preview technology a step further with highly accurate views for many common file types. Text-Only Preview: FileCenter Standard Accurate Preview: Just select and send. You can even give the attached file a different name. Send sensitive spreadsheets or documents as PDF files without changing the original.

Basic Sending: FileCenter helps make that happen. FileCenter Standard lets you create lists of common file names that you can draw from when you name files. Naming Options can contain dynamic information, like dates, customer or patient names, and increments. Literally name and save your files or new scans with a couple of mouse clicks. To add even more intelligence, you can make your naming rules context-aware. In other words, you can choose when you want a given rule show, and hide it at other times.

Basic Filename Lists: All Editions Naming Options: You can define reusable folder layouts that are as simple or complex as you’d like, including nested folders many layers deep. You can then apply these layouts to any drawer or folder.

They become especially useful when you add new drawers or folders — apply a folder layout at the same time. Consistent layouts are critical to an easy-to-use file organization system. So FileCenter provides its own. Once you turn on the recycle bin, FileCenter will keep a copy of files deleted on network drives. Now if you delete a network file by mistake, it can still be recovered.

The Application Bar displays icons for your other programs. Use it to launch applications or drag-and-drop files onto other programs. You can even see each program’s most recent file lists, letting you quickly re-open files right from FileCenter.

All Editions Split View for Moving Files An important part of maintaining a well-organized filing system is moving and renaming files. FileCenter will show you two locations simultaneously so you can move files around easily. To make things more efficient, you can also rename a file as you move it. Using this in conjunction with FileCenter’s file naming rules, you can reorganize and intelligently rename dozens of files at a time.

It’s ideal for moving incoming files into your cabinets in bulk. An ideal feature for screen-clippers, this is a speedy way to archive screen captures to file.

Think of it as a web search for your desktop.

Who Uses This Software?

Lucion Technologies is a PC-based document management software service. By integrating the features of OCR, file organization, PDF conversions, backup and secure sharing, it has developed applications which are powerful, seamlessly integrated with databases and fully functional. It is a one-stop solution with applications that cover the entire field of document management for all the users. Users can use it for scanning paper documents and organize computer files.

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Jul 10, FileCenter and FileCenter Professional extend and enhance Windows by making it simple to manage files. Using a simple “file cabinet/drawer”. Buy Lucion FileCenter Professional 8 [Download]: Read Software Reviews – FileCenter Professional is full-featured paperless office software for users with FileCenter also works with your other Windows programs so you can save and.

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