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Final Cut Pro allows users to edit videos with multiple video editing features, including moving and trimming clips, multicam editing, degree VR editing, VR headset playback, special effects, color grading, etc. It enables users to split videos into pieces, slice off the unwanted parts, merge the video clips together, and edit the video in the way you wish. For instance, you can adjust the contrast, brightness, hue and saturation of the video, apply special video and sound effects, add watermarks, subtitles and texts to your video, etc.
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This software bridges the gap between professional consumers who would never give-up on a single element of functionality and the consumers who need powerful yet easy and affordable software. This version is an alternate replacement for the Final Cut Pro which is more robust and used globally in professional editing bays. Mac users from both categories, can enjoy this unusual, innovative and sophisticated software for all their editing needs.

Continue reading for instructions on how to use the Final Cut Pro X software to edit a time-lapse video. Windows users would have to look for an alternative as well because this software is exclusive to Mac users. FCP has all the advanced features that are used by professional video editors so if you are new to video editing, then you may take a while before you can handle all the tools.

This software is more suited for video editing beginners and intermediate prosumers because of its simple user interface, making it easy for users of all levels to learn and understand. Your creations would still look and sound great, regardless of your skillset because the software has many advanced tools that are available in most professional software programs, to enable creation of high-quality videos.

Type in the name you wish to call your project and you can change the standard settings or change them. Select OK when you are done. Upload videos from your storage and Drag the original video into the project timeline below. Once you have placed the video on the timeline, select the Retiming button located in the preview window: To set the speed, click on Fast and choose one of the options such as 2x, 4x, 8x, etc.

Crop your video for any unwanted parts before you select or set the speed. Follow these steps below: Upload or import your photos or images to the project and drag and drop them to the project timeline below. Selectall the still images, then click Hold and drag them to the project timeline. The default setting speed on Final Cut Pro Xis 4 secondsper image which is much too slow.

Speed is important to create that perfect time-lapse video so you would need to adjust this setting. Highlight the images on the timeline and right-click on one of them.

Select the Change Duration option so that you can change the speed. Since the previous speed was 4 seconds, type in 1 and hit Enter. You would notice the images become instantly smaller, signifying that the length of the time-lapse video was drastically reduced.

If you wish to make further adjustments to the speed, you should create a compound clip first. This process gives you control over one complete clip, where you can easily adjust to any speed you wish. Now you can drag the clip to the left to make it shorter and faster or drag it to the right to make it longer and slower. Now you can easily assemble and create time-lapse videos on your own and adjust the speed setting to however fast or slow you need your video to be.

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Not so bad on my little local system, but a major pain in the patoot on the Xsan-based networked systems I work on. Stupid, stupid, stupid. That being said, FCP is definitely the biggest bang for the buck out there I’ve made a business using this software! Review by mikejaz2 on Mar 24, Version:

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Read our guide and pick the Final Cut alternative software that works the best on It’s available not only for Mac, but also for Linux and Windows computers. Final Cut Pro for Mac, free and safe download. Final Cut Pro latest version: Well Recognized Video Editor. Final Cut Pro is a Multimedia software by Apple. Editors’ note (September 20, ): Apple has released a major software update to Final Cut Pro X. Additional features added include support.

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