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But unfortunately, before doing this, you may find that you forget or lost the product key. How to find back Office lost Product key? Here are two methods to retrieve your Office activation key after installing on PC device. Get into your Office account page with the related Microsoft account used to install or activate Office
finding office 2013 product key

Find Office 2013 Product Key

Contact SterJo Key Finder v. SterJo Key Finder, like the name says, it is a key finder made for cases like this, so download it and find the key you will be able to use for installing Windows, Microsoft Office and many other products Simple Key Finder That Works This small but efficient application is made for finding lost Windows product keys, which is especially important in searching for Windows 7 product key, as well as lost Windows 8 key or Windows 10 product key because they are mostly used PC systems at this moment.

SterJo Key Finder will recover what looks lost and it will do it without much effort of yours. The process this Windows key finder starts is very simple and quick.

After running the software, only a few seconds will be needed for you to restore your lost key, for example, the Windows product key. It works on the same principles for Microsoft Office products, so if you lost Office product key, don’t worry. Professionals know how important these software are for smooth working, so use this opportunity and download the SterJo Key Finder.

Just run the application and everything will be done automatically. How is SterJo Key Finder working? Tweet After you run the application, this easy-for-use key finder will start recovering the key and save it as a text file, so you will be able to use it in future. Keep in mind that it will not generate keys for the products you have never had, but it will recover only those keys which existed in your system in the past.

After the recovery, you will be able to reinstall the program you need and the key stored in your PC will be near when you need it. This is especially useful for finding Windows product key and Microsoft Office product key, because they are the basic software, often used and necessary for working on a PC. SterJo Key Finder’s interface consists of a list that will show you software products and their serial keys.

The key can be copied and saved in a system. There isn’t really much to explain because this key finder will detect installed programs instantly after running the application. Everything will be done automatically.

Your job is only to download this free application. Just download the application, extract it to a folder and simply run the SterJo Key Finder from there. Download it now for free! How to recover product keys from unbootable Windows? If you are unable to recover the key with my keyfinder then I’ve created a small application which will allow you to find the last 5 digits only.

Download – Windows Product Key Finder Free

CaptainGibletsAuthor Commented: The keys we have are OEMs. Do you know if any of the machines which reported the keys properly were running Office ? I am starting to get the impression that the way Office stores the product key is not compatible with key retrieval software. These tools read the product key from the registry, and after looking in the registry where previous versions of Office store the key, it was not there for Office I have just emailed the creators of Produkey and Magical Jellybean Keyfinder about this issue.

VIDEO: Where to Find Your Office Product Key

However, it cannot find product keys for all programs. Most notably, Microsoft Office and Office do not store their product keys in the. I have several Office 5 user licenses loaded on Pc’s at the I need to retrieve the product keys from each computer to match with the. So what do you do if you need to MS office but you’ve lost your important product key? There still a few ways to help you find MS office.

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