FLStudio 12.4.2 Producer Edition (plugins unlocked)+ Patch

A good fix is to use the Volume Multiplier knob in the Misc tab of the Channel Settings window to set the level before it gets to the Mixer. Split and merge patterns Patterns that contain notes on multiple channels can be split by channel, making it easy to build variations on a single pattern without having to clone it and edit the piano roll for each one. In the step sequencer, click the pattern selector and select Split by channel on the right. All of the notes and automation for each channel will appear in new patterns, named after each channel, stacked on top of each other in the Playlist.
fl studio 10 patch

Fl studio 10 producer edition final

Source Source There always seems to be a debate between these 2 applications … which one is better than the other and what not. It’s quite sad actually, you’ll see forum post 46 pages deep debating. Most of the time the people doing the debating can’t even make good music What so good is their opinions? Most FL Studio users will claim that Fl is better because it can Let’s think about what most of the plugins are..

Sampletank — Workstation like plugin.. These plugins are basically just interfaces that contain extra sounds that you can use IE: Pianos,Strings, Synths,Drums,Pads etc the whole shabang So its more sounds that you can use Oh wait They Propellerheads just didn’t add the delays and reverb etc. There is a producer over at vsavagellc. It’s funny I’ve seen producer who made south music claim FL is better simply because they had access to a plugin that had a certain brass or synth that wanted.

They were to ignorant to know that the same sound could be made from any stock sound you just need to apply the settings IE: Everyone learns differently and people are use to different things. So for those that have used real studio equipment they are going to get the hang of Reason a lot faster than Fl Studio and vice versa.

It really all comes down to the person in the end. Some people don’t like having to do more than install the program and start making music. They want everything in front of them ready to go. They don’t want to have to buy additional things to make the application they already spent money on work to its fullest potential It all depends on what kind of machine you have as well as how many units you have in your rack.

For the most part Reason is easy on your machine. If you have 2 Mixers, 5 Drum Machines, 5 Loop Players, 10 combinators and each unit has its own eq and compressor.. On the other hand if you have 20 different loop players all hooked up in a combinator set as a run patch and 10 mixers, synth units blah etc that could boggle your machine down some again its really all on the machine.

If your making simple music like Hip hop, Trance, Dnb or any kind of music where you’re not using more than 20 tracks you’ll be fine. Now with Fl it can be a different story because the FL Studio has system requirements and then each Plugin you load has system requirements.

So lets convert that over to Reason just for fun.. Now this has nothing to do with the application because the producer can make whatever they wish FL is just a tool for us to use but if you do your research you’ll notice that projects that are much bigger than hiphop are being created using reason..

I’m talking sound designing, Film scoring etc. We can stay in the small world of hiphop though. I’m going to be honest I with you, it’s because FL Studio is easier to download..

I’m not saying that ever FL user has pirated their version of FL but I mean just look at the demographics. Most of the online producers are from ages 15 and up. People that are most of them don’t have the money for it.

OK granted FL is cheaper than Reason but look at it this way. Fl studio doesn’t have good stock sounds unlike Reason. So you install FL you see it is lame drums, the synths that it comes with are just OK so after a month or a week you’re going to want new sounds. You might hear someones tracks on soundclick or hiphop forums and you contact them asking them that they use. They are going to give you a list of plugins they use. Or better yet you think his parents are going to throw that money down?

Here is the honest answer to both questions.. Heck most kids don’t have the So my point is this stuff is easy to download now I wills ay there are a bunch of free plugins out there that sound amazing but once someone hears something they like 9ie a track and the producer of that track tells them what plugin they used they will want THAT PLUGIN and 9 times out of 10 its going to be something that’s wasn’t free.

So the beat maker or producer that is inquiring wont even bother trying to find good free ones. It’s even funnier when you see 16 year old kid tells people on forums or in real person Why does he have 3 DAWS?

Do you know how much Sonar.. Cubase and ACID costs? Anyway I’m getting off subject a little. Same quality same everything its all up to the user and his or her skills. Think of it like this.. If you were in Dre’s studio using his gear and his engineers would you be making tracks just as good as Dre? Probably not but if Dre was using your setup guess what.. His tracks would still knock because it’s not what you use its how you use it. Between Reason and Fl Studio it’s going to be Reason hands down and here is why.

Reason comes with everything you need for making and mixing your music. They give you the Samplers,drum machines, Synth units, fx units and gigs of sounds stock sounds. There isn’t a sound out there that can’t create within Reason.

When I listen to hardware,plugins or even songs on the radio and I hear a good sound I know exactly where to go in reason to either get the sound or make the sound.

This is because I know basic synthesis and I’m smart enough to learn what the little knobs do on each unit. With Fl Studio This could cost you times more than what you spent on the FL Studio. You’ll survive with a few soundfonts but in the end you are going to be forced to buy plugins that or let your creative ability and music suffer. That’s one thing I love about Propellerheads they kept the producer in mind when creating Reason making it so that you can create any sound from their stock sounds.

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Source Source There always seems to be a debate between these 2 applications … which one is better than the other and what not. It’s quite sad actually, you’ll see forum post 46 pages deep debating. Most of the time the people doing the debating can’t even make good music What so good is their opinions?

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