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Hardware At face value, there is little to differentiate between the Apple TV 4K and the Apple TV, with both having almost identical external appearances. The Apple TV 4K measures 3.

To the front of the unit is an IR receiver, used to accept commands from the Siri Remote. This change in video connection is important due to bandwidth.

While HDMI 1. By comparison, HDMI 2. This port was intended for servicing the Apple TV, and not for use by customers, so the removal is unlikely to be a major issue for users. Internally, the A8 processor used for the Apple TV has been switched out for the bit A10X Fusion Chip, giving the Apple TV more performance when used for graphically intensive apps such as games, as well as making it easily capable of handling 4K video footage. The accompanying Siri Remote is functionally identical to the version released with the fourth-gen Apple TV.

At the top is a glass touch surface for navigating menu screens, as well as dual microphones for issuing requests to Siri. Internally, the Siri Remote includes an accelerometer and three-axis gyroscope, and Bluetooth 4.

An IR transmitter and Lightning connector for charging are also built into the handset. The only change between the original Siri Remote and this version is the addition of a white circle around the Menu button. It is likely that this addition is intended to make orienting the remote the right way around easier in low light situations. There is also support for Dolby Digital 5.

The platform allows content producers and app developers to easily create apps for the set-top boxes, which has led to a steady increase in the number of available services that users can use. As of August , there are over 1, video apps that work with the Apple TV.

For the 4K model, video services can take advantage of both the higher resolution and HDR for their content catalogs. Netflix has been named as adding support to its tvOS app for 4K content in the near future, and Amazon Prime Video have been named as bringing its 4K catalog later this year.

Other app categories can also be created for tvOS, including shopping interfaces, social apps, and games, the latter of which can take advantage of third-party Bluetooth game pads and the stock remote. All of the apps are also able to respond to a Bluetooth-connected keyboard, making it easier for users to enter text into apps. A key part of tvOS is the ability to use Siri, Apple’s famous digital assistant.

Using the dedicated button on the Siri Remote, users can speak queries into the remote’s dual microphones, with the results displayed on-screen. Siri can be used to search for movies and TV shows, to control playback, and for typical non-video queries usually handled by Siri on iOS devices, such as weather reports and sports scores. This will allow the Apple TV to control multiple AirPlay 2-compatible speakers, alongside any traditionally connected speakers as part of a home theater system, effectively making it possible for the audio from a TV show or movie played on the Apple TV 4K to be heard throughout a household.

Home users will also be able to force the Apple TV 4K to match the HDR settings of content instead of defaulting to the fastest available frame rate in a future update.

The beta of tvOS Currently in beta, the tvOS More robust AirPlay 2 support is also provided in a limited fashion, where devices running iOS This allows the set-top box to control other HomeKit-compatible appliances and accessories, including when the user is outside the home.

The update, stemming from a server-side change, allows users to select their favorite teams from various sports and leagues, and provides alerts for upcoming match streams.

While the 4K movies will be available alongside p versions, only the HD edition of the movie will be downloadable to the Apple TV 4K’s storage. All 4K versions will only be available for streaming playback. At launch, Apple announced some movies and TV shows bought from the iTunes Store in the past will receive upgraded versions of the content in 4K, at no extra charge. In order to stream owned and rented copies of films from the store in 4K, customers require at least a 25 megabit per second connection, otherwise they may endure buffering or a loss of quality during viewing.

Apple’s TV app is billed as a single place that users can browse for content from over 60 video services, without switching between apps. The app is also available on the iPhone and iPad, as well as tvOS, allowing users to continue watching where they left off on a different device.

Local services, including pay TV networks and regional video startups, will be listed in each country’s version of the app at launch. For a brief period before launch, the gigabyte model of Apple TV 4K was visible on Amazon , before being removed from view.

Amazon had withdrawn the Apple TV and Chromecast on October 29, after the retailer claimed compatibility with its Amazon Prime Video service was required, and stocking the items potentially confused customers. On December 20, Amazon ended its two-year block on Apple TV sales, reintroducing listings for the products in its online store. As Amazon’s Prime Video service is arriving on the Apple TV later this year, it would be expected that the set-top box would make a reappearance in the retailer’s listings.

It is possible it was briefly listed in anticipation of Amazon Prime Video’s availability on the Apple TV, with it becoming a permanent listing when it becomes available to use. The lack of glue, the use of modular components, and standard Torx screws helped give the Apple TV 4K a repairability score of eight out of ten. Essential Reading.

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