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This application also includes a history cleaner. It allows you keep your files protected in a variety of ways, in both PC and portable drives and offers optional backup of protected files to online storage. You can use it to clean online browsing data and digital footprints.
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Folder Lock 7.7.2 Crack Serial Number + Registration Key 2018

The locked data file keeps the original icon of the system, and the lock symbol is added in the lower left corner of the icon, which is clear and clear.

Multiple encryption methods The data files after Lock are protected from viewing, modifying, moving, copying, and deleting. Lightning Speed Even large files and folders can be encrypted and decrypted in an instant. It is especially suitable for encryption and decryption of large size file and folders, such as video, music, photos, etc. Lossless Encryption The software uses the features provided by Windows.

When encrypting or hiding files, the contents of the files will not be modified. Therefore, no matter what the operation, the contents of the files will not be damaged, which is absolutely reliable. Only One Password You only need to remember one password to encrypt and decrypt all files or folders.

Support for USB devices After encrypting the data on the USB flash drive and the removable hard drive, you can access it by entering the correct password on another computer. After downloading XBoft Folder Lock from the official website, users can double-click the installation package to get the following welcome interface. Click Next to go on. Step 2: Please read the important information about license agreement of this software carefully.

Then check I accept the agreement and click Next to continue. Step 3: Users can click Browse button to manually choose an installation location or just install the software to the default location.

Then, click Next button. Step 4: Complete the installation of the software according to the instructions of the installation wizard. Note During the installation process, the Windows Explorer extension will be registered, so your Explorer will be restarted. Please note that this is safe, it does not close other programs you are running, nor does it restart your computer, it only takes some time.

However, the number of encrypted files is unlimited. To break limitations, users need to register this software. Step 1: In the About dialog that pops up, click the Register button.

In the registration dialog that pops up, paste the license code and click the Register button to complete the registration. How to Activate Note After registering the software, the software will be activated automatically. Manual activation of the software is only required if the computer is not connected to the Internet. In the About dialog that pops up, click the Activate button. We will respond to you after generating an activation code based on the information you provided.

Copy the Activation Code, paste it into the Activation Code text box, and click the Activate button to complete the software activation. Main Interface.

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This program uses the Advanced Encryption Standard bit key, which is an algorithm of many trusted confidential in all departments. Folder Lock 7 also provides additional features for security, such as shredding and stealth mode. So, what does it mean to lock a file or folder? The locked file is not registered Folder Lock 7 Keygen. Instead, Folder Lock uses a kernel level filtering process to hide the locked file from Windows, and from all applications operating under Windows. Closed files are protected from normal searches, which may be what you need with Folder Lock 7 Serial Number and Registration Key only.

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Folder Lock’s frequently asked questions and their answers What are the benefits of registering Folder Lock as compared to using a trial version?. Folder Lock 7 Serial Number, Registration Key Full Version Free Download. After you have entered the information above, follow the programs procedures until registration is finish. Start folder lock and when the program.

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