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In short, if you can’t find or access those precious data e. Contacts, photos, videos, text messages, call logs, etc. And you haven’t set up any backup options such as Google Photos, Google Drive, or any other kind of cloud backup services. Here’s a list of specific Android data loss scenarios:
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Top 5 Data Recovery for Android Smartphones

These 5 easy data recovery tools for Android specifically designed to find deleted files on your Android system and offering you the functionality recovering it with the help of a single click.

Need Data Recovery for Android? Top 1: Fone for Android Popular for its consumer and content creation software such as Dr. Fone Toolkit for Android is another one of its amazing offerings. Providing easy recovery methods available for both Windows and Mac, any smartphone that is on a relatively newer version of Android which, at the time of writing this, is Android 5. User Experience: The only thing you need to take care of is installing your phone drivers either by downloading them online or by simply plugging the USB in your computer though this might not work for every device before attempting to recover the files.

It generally takes a little over 1 hour to find the deleted files on a smartphone with 16GB storage but that figure may vary from one phone to another. The only downside that we saw to the software was that it simply does not detect the latest Android 6.

If you still feel concerned about the genuinely of the software, they also offer a free trial so that you can take a look at the various features and the reliability before deciding to buy the software. Main Features: Does not require root access for a lot of functions Shows all of the recoverable files in a very short amount of time Provides a free trial Can recover messages and contacts with root access New Feature — Android Broken Data Recovery: Can recover data without the need of using the touchscreen in case of broken screen or water damage.

Can bypass the secured lock screen in case you forgot the password. Recovering the files is practically a 3-step process Cons Cannot detect the newest Android 8. Fone for Android Top 2: Other than that, Aiseesoft Android Data Recovery is just like any other android recovery software: Main features Has a mobile app available for recovery Able to recover data from tampered and damaged devices Painless method of recovering files Simple UI User Interface Shows all the recoverable files sorted properly Cons: The feature of recovering data from broken and tampered devices may not always work.

Top 3: However, giving it a category of its own is still something we like. Apart from that, we have the same simple and intuitive interface of waiting for the device to be connected, recognizing the phone and comparing to the database of the different supported phones that can be recovered, going through with the recovery process and saving the file.

It supports both Windows and Mac operating systems so no compatibility issues there. One major con about the 7 data Android Recovery is its price. Although 7 data takes care of this shortcoming by providing a free version with which you can practically do all of the same things you would on the paid version of the software, with the only difference being that you are stuck to recovering 1GB of data on the free version, which can be a problem for those looking to recover more than a gigabyte.

Users have reported failed recovery attempts at times. Top 5: Recuva Though Recuva is generally used for recovering files made for PC, its effectiveness can also be extended to the likes of android users, as it is quite capable of recovering data from SD cards.

Recuva also simplifies the search process by including a deep scan and a quick scan option which can be useful since you can opt for the type of recovery depending on how long has it been since you lost the file. Regardless, we still like Recuva and would highly recommend it to anyone. Fone for Android.

Yep. Here are 5 of the Top Data Recovery Softwares for Your Android Phones.

William July 21, Back and restore 4 Comments There are various factors that can cause Android data loss. You may delete the files on your devices without notice. Root or update your device without backup. Format your memory card and regret it. Or your device is crashed, broken or dropped into the water.

VIDEO: How to Use FoneLab for Android to Recover Android Data

FoneLab for Android icon Recover contacts, messages, call history, and pictures stored on your Android device with the help of this app that. FoneLab for Android – Lost or delete contacts, sms, photos on your android phone and want to get them back? Just use the Android Phone Data Recovery, only. FoneLab Android Data Recovery is a do-it-yourself solution to recover and restore accidentally deleted data from Android smartphones and tablets.

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