You are here: This dragon-mashing, fire-blazing slugfest will be a test of tanking skills and reflexes as you and your team save the home of the Red Dragonflight and the world from the impending arrival of Deathwing. This guide will breakdown the basic strategy of the 4 bosses in the dungeon for the ever reliable, ever resilient tankers. Knowing whether you are a main tank MT or an off tank OT will help you manage the bosses, the debuff stacks, and the adds. He primarily uses melee attacks so proper threat management can keep him away from your ranged DPS and healers.
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This guide will cover the basic abilities that Halion and the minibosses within the instance will use on the normal versions of the encounter. It will also give you some ideas on how to deal with these abilities during these fights. It will also talk a bit about trash and how to get through it relatively unscathed.

Similarly to the Obsidian Sanctum instance, there are three minibosses to defeat before you encounter the main dragon. Unlike Obsidian Sanctum, Heroic mode is not triggered via leaving these minibosses up; it is triggered by the raid leader selecting the mode via the in-game interface, much the same way that Icecrown Citadel heroic modes are toggled.

As such, unlike Obsidian Sanctum, all the minibosses must be killed in Ruby Sanctum in order to get Halion to spawn. Each miniboss drops one Emblem of Frost. The three minibosses are: Baltharus the Warborn General Zarithrian Important: Saviana Ragefire and Baltharus the Warborn must both be defeated before you can then attempt General Zarithrian!

They are all Dragonkin and most all? Casters, they cast Scorch man and, more importantly, Flame Wave. Melee-type guys who Cleave and Shockwave man.

These are the crappy ones to deal with. Not only do they have a Mortal Strike , but they have something called Rallying Shout. I encourage you to read that tooltip carefully. Okay, on to the minibosses! Saviana Ragefire Ragefire is the easiest of the three minibosses, in my opinion. This means you should have a hunter use Tranquilizing Shot or have a rogue using Anesthetic Poison in order to dispel the enrage.

Dispelling the enrage is not absolutely necessary especially if your tank and healers are well-geared but it certainly makes the encounter easier. This is a moderate amount of damage to each marked person. I believe three people are marked with Flame Beacon on 10m and five people are marked with it on 25m.

Apart from these two major abilities, Ragefire also casts a rather painful Flame Breath man and hits relatively lightly on both man and man, for around 14, damage a swing, according to my logs. Once you make sure to dispel the enrage and that the appropriate people are running out of the raid when marked, Ragefire becomes a simple encounter.

Baltharus is located on the left-hand side of the instance after zoning in. If you kill him, you can turn in Assault on the Sanctum , a quest you get from Krasus above you, at the top of Wyrmrest Temple. You turn it in to Sanctum Guardian Xerestrasza, who is trapped within the tree.

She will give you another quest, The Twilight Destroyer , which asks you to kill Halion, then turn it in to Krasus at the top of Wyrmrest Temple. She will despawn on a soft reset of the instance. But back to Baltharus.

If too many people get Enervating Brand, Baltharus will get too buffed and will kill everyone. I spread it to ten people. Way to go, Kurn, way to go! Once you kill Baltharus, all the clones die. This effectively makes it a three-tank fight on man and a two-tank fight on man.

Finally, Baltharus will occasionally cast Repelling Wave. He has two major abilities, both of which can be dealt with easily. I strongly recommend swapping tanks every two stacks. It is possible for stacks to fall off if you have a significant amount of avoidance, however. A slightly different kind of fear than usual, but a fear nonetheless.

The good news: During this encounter, four adds will spawn every so often 2 adds on man , called Onyx Firecallers, who will do a Blast Nova man which cannot be interrupted, and Lava Gout man , which can be. Make sure the adds go down, then get back on the boss. Once he goes down, Halion will spawn in the center of the instance.

Halion Important: Though I have not confirmed this myself, I strongly suspect that, like Obsidian Sanctum, uncleared trash will join in on the boss encounter if left alive. It is likely a good idea to kill everything in the instance before attempting Halion. The first thing to note is that there is a brownish earthy-looking sort of circle around Halion. This circle gets lit on fire shortly after Halion is pulled and therefore keeps the entire fight contained in a relatively small space.

You may not enter or exit this circle area once the fire has been lit. Halion is a three-phase encounter, with the first phase taking place outside, the second phase taking place inside a shadow realm and the final phase taking place in both realms simultaneously. The abilities from phase one and phase two are identical to the abilities we see in phase three. Additionally, Twilight Precision is active throughout the encounter. Phase 1: This is a debuff that Halion will periodically cast on a raid member.

If someone gets this, they should run away from the raid, ideally to the very edge of the circle, and then have the debuff dispelled from them. Anyone standing in it gets Combustion damage man. Click for a larger version. There has been a LOT of debate about this, despite the tooltip, but please, allow me to clarify: The magic removal portion. The curse removal portion. This means that all four healing classes can remove Fiery Combustion.

And so can the mages. The key is to do so with an eye as to where the person actually is. Moving on… 2 Meteor Strike. You have plenty of time to move, so if the ground beneath you changes colours, gets a rune-like thing on it, MOVE. This is what a meteor strike looks like after it hits.

I personally recommend that you leave one tank and one healer in the physical realm for reasons that I will explain when I get to phase 3. I also strongly suggest a tank jump into the portal first and quickly to properly position the dragon in the Twilight Realm and so that no one else gets initial aggro.

Pre-hotting the tanks or using a cooldown is helpful, particularly if people lag through the phasing. Phase 2: Welcome to Phase 2. In addition to the standard dragonesque abilities, there are a few other things of which one ought to be aware.

From experience, this is a ton of damage to heal. Remember Fiery Combustion from P1? This is its shadow counterpart. Again, anyone standing in it takes damage from Consumption. Well, there has to be an environmental gimmick here too, right? In the Twilight Realm, there are two orbs that form at the edge of the shadowy circle that marks the fighting area. These orbs will always be directly across from each other.

They rotate in a clockwise fashion. In every 30 seconds, you have 20 seconds where they do nothing but keep rotating, always degrees apart, but you also have 10 seconds when they are active. When they are active, there is a very painful beam stretched between the two of them that will deal something like 14k damage per second on This is the real trick of the fight. It really depends on your tank, but if your tank times it right, he can be just on the right-hand side of one end of the beam with you back out a bit and down to his left, which means two things: Melee may want to run through the dragon from the left side to the right side as you face the dragon at a slight left angle, as the beam comes around to you from the right, but your mileage may vary.

These portals remain open throughout Phase 3. Phase 3: You should have pre-determined who will stay inside the Twilight Realm and who goes back outside. The one difference, which is just another twist, is that Halion now has something called Corporeality. You can use the portals to adjust as necessary. Loot Halion drops level gear on man normal, level gear on man heroic and man normal and level gear on man heroic. He will also drop three Emblems of Frost. Thanks for reading!

I hope this guide has been helpful and that you too can become a Twilight Destroyer. Post navigation.

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Saviana Ragefire is a member of the Black dragonflight and a mini boss. She appears in World of Warcraft as one of the three sub-bosses in the Ruby Sanctum encounter, which was implemented in patch 3. There is no difference between the normal and heroic encounter. There is no difference between the 10 man and 25 man encounter. Detailed tacticks for Saviana Ragefire can be read here.

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Results 1 – 14 of 14 nellemckiddy Halion of the Ruby Sanctum boss fight strategy guide and tactics . Including tactics for the mini bosses. Complete Halion. Occasionally, Halion will mark someone with Fiery Combustion. Fiery Combustion will deal damage, and is a bit like Rotface’s slimes: You want. A guild attempting heroic Halion must already have nearly Strategy: Phase One: Upon pull, the MT should pull Halion, back him up.

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