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Scroll down for news of the commercial release. Side Effects Software has unveiled Houdini 16, a major update to its procedural 3D software , overhauling the UI, adding a new autorigging sytem, and new destruction, fluid simulation and terrain-generation options. As well as a new audience of games artists drawn to the software through Houdini Engine , that seems to mean disaffected Autodesk users:
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Perhaps a So IMO I think the gauntlet has been thrown down. Houdini needs to be a fully fleshed out 3-D package that any person can create content in from beginning to end. Houdini Engine UI functionality needs to be more fully integrated into their host packages. Blueprint nodes in Unreal. Network editable nodes in Unity and Maya. I should be able to create one tool for all my host programs, especially if they are SideFX supported ones.

Lead Houdini Engine by example so when I want to implement it into my own pipeline or tools I know it can be done. A unified node context, I know this drives people banana’s, but it should be a choice to work in different node contexts. Houdini was created with the combinations of several different programs as defined by these contexts nearly 20 years ago now. Thank SideFX gods for the wire dots, and the circular contexts. More fully fleshed out presets. The setups exist out there, but I don’t need to rebuild the same setup at every studio I work at.

Additionally the Shelf tools needs some love. Just make them the same as hda with all their functionality. Add an Extract Content feature. HDA’s are powerful, shelfs are deprived and in constant sadness to their tool brethren. An example library for each node and code example that is easy to view and find. It’s rare to find examples spread through the Houdini Doc’s. If I could have the help Pane, or an example Pane that I could search through that be amazing.

This could be tied in with more fully fleshed out presets. You don’t necessarily need a lone example per a file, combined ones often make greater sense. The orbolt pane for instance. The upgrade to the Help docs has been awesome, including the more graphical documentation i. But those example files are trailing. More common studio tools that are predefined. Every studio ends up creating special importers and exporters that all in the end do the same thing.

Just create a few common studio nodes, that can be easily manipulated. Either via python modules as they presented in their rigging tools, or by non-compiled file sops and rops. The Alembic ROP is a very convenient example of showing the code so you can manipulate it.

I shouldn’t need to have multiple different contexts and nodes to import and export geometry and data. One ring! My precious! Maintain the same parameter ui, but have a little button or switch that flips from a wrangle to a code version. There is a certain sense that there is still a layer of black box with each of these nodes.

This is where the fabric crowd, and programmers say they don’t understand what is happening, and flip a table and say they need to build it from scratch. I can understand the proprietary algorithms being compiled black box nodes, but the point sop This would allow us to retire so many old nodes.

Speaking of which the node count in Houdini is only getting more ridiculous each version. There is no way one person can know them all. I LOVE all the new features, but there comes a point when there are too many nodes. The biggest hindrance to new people is not knowing that a node exist that they can use. Node acumen should not be a barrier to using Houdini. The Houdini learning curve is dropping faster and faster.

However, I’ve used Houdini for a decade with a wide variety or projects, and I can easily say I have not used every node. That’s cool, but it also ridiculous. Plus make some useful example along the way. Ok I think I ranted enough. My blood got pumping for Houdini 16 and I’m stoked about the new toys. I can not wait for this new Lego set and to work on some more amazing projects. And yes I will make my nodes look like Legos This is only an un-official wishlist, so we can compare notes, rant and rave.


An actual plugin? MichaelT is right. It is an important tool. Many of mine projects have included oceans and water. It used to be an easy task on my bit system due to the Nature FX Lightwave plugin. Nature FX for Softimage was used in Titanic.

VIDEO: Houdini Launch Event

This chart is going to be up to date, so I’ll really appreciate it if you did the tests as well and shared your results, I’ll list them asap with your na. Filter 16 reviews by the users’ company size, role or industry to find out how Houdini works for a business like yours. (16). SideFX develops Houdini, a 3D animation and visual effects software for use in film, .. Invest in tutorials, especially up to date ones. .. About · Careers · Team · News · Press Releases · Contact. SideFX develops Houdini, a 3D animation and visual effects software for use in film, commercials and video . Official release date for H16 is?.

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