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Fans of both companies can rest easy; there’s no plan to merge them into a single product. Both have many thousands of users worldwide, but each is strong in geographical areas where the other isn’t. And the underlying antivirus engine is exactly the same in Avast and AVG AntiVirus Free , as demonstrated in my tests and independent lab tests. View All 12 Photos in Gallery This product is only free for personal use. In the past, those wishing to use Avast in a business setting had to upgrade to Avast Pro Antivirus.
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Bitdefender vs Avast: Which Should You Pick in 2019?

Anyone can become a victim of password hacking or identity theft leading to social media hijacks, theft, and loss of data. With threats like this mounting, password managers have started to find a mass market. Apps like LastPass and DashLane have risen to prominence, but now established tech security brands are following suit.

And antivirus giant Avast is at the front of the charge. This review will look at Avast Passwords, assessing whether it measures up to the competition, what it has to offer. And, ultimately, if it can be trusted to keep your passwords safe. Introducing Avast Passwords Based in the Czech Republic, Avast claims to foil 2 billion cyber-attacks every month and has hundreds of millions of users across the world.

The app itself is a classic password manager, allowing users to store passwords for online services securely. Avast Passwords: Pros and Cons Naturally, Passwords is a bit more than just an encrypted database. This table of pros and cons should help to get a feel for what it brings to the table: Neatly designed, clean interface that almost anyone can use without any problems.

Master password provides an extra layer of authentication. One touch login is tailored for smartphone users. Includes browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Password Guardian helps to come up with secure passwords. The free version is perfectly functional for most users. Can import passwords from other password managers. Cons Windows users need to install the broader Avast Antivirus app package.

Safari, Firefox, Chrome Encryption: As you can probably tell from the specs above, Avast Passwords includes several security features which should make it pretty watertight. Most importantly, it shields your passwords and personal data behind bit AES encryption, which is virtually impossible to crack. The master password adds even more security. However, the way this is set up for PCs can alarm some users.

The app requests your master password twice every day, regardless of how often you load the password manager. This activation code should be sent through with your order confirmation email. However, there may be some differences between operating systems regarding how to get started. Head to the Antivirus front-end. Choose Menu followed by My licenses or right-click the orange Avast icon in your system tray, and select the Subscription Information option from the pop-up menu.

Press the Enter a valid activation code button, and enter your code. In this case, download and launch the free version of Passwords. In the Finder menu bar, select Go and then, Applications. Next, double-click the Avast Passwords icon. From the Avast Password menu, pick the Activate Premium option. Now, enter your activation code.

Avast Passwords for Chrome One of the neat things about Passwords is the ability to add it as a Chrome extension. Getting started with Chrome is pretty easy too. Just load up the Antivirus package and choose Get Started.

Now, click on the option to Activate in Google Chrome. Now, follow the prompts provided by Chrome to install the Passwords extension. Avast Passwords for Firefox The case is similar to Chrome. Just open Antivirus, pick the Activate in Firefox menu option, and follow the prompts. Is Avast Passwords not working?

Some common faults that customers encounter While Passwords is a slick security tool, users sometimes encounter issues that buyers should know about.

Problems seem to arise most commonly after Windows updates, which often require a patch to get Passwords up and running again. There can also be issues with Firefox updates when the browser auto-deletes Passwords from the list of active extensions. In this case, you just need to re-install the add-on, and everything should work fine. Some users with multiple devices also come across issues with syncing their devices.

Due to the way Avast manages accounts, merging passwords on smartphones and laptops is tricky, leading to users having to clean up obsolete passwords. Value for money? On the other hand, there are some benefits. The paid version comes with Password Guardian, which helps users respond to security alerts and prompts you to update your passwords. If you need the extra assurance and convenience, that might be worth paying.

If not, the free version should be just fine. Avast Passwords comparisons.

Installed Plug-ins

UCWeb Safari An impressive list to be sure, but one major browser not supported which is gaining more and more popularity every day is Microsoft Edge. Sticky Password claims that this is because Edge does not support extensions, however, that’s not totally true see my RoboForm review at the start of this article. Extensions must be developed, vetted and approved by Microsoft and then made available for download via Microsoft’s Online Store. Let’s hope that Sticky Password developers take advantage of this and add support for Edge in the near future. Installation of Sticky Password is via a downloaded file that must be run. Select your operating system when you go to the download page and click on the download button – then just run the file you’ve saved.

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Avast application and looking to activate Avast password manager but to click “Install” in your browser and then click “Add Extension” once. After purchasing the paid version of Avast Passwords, you need to activate the product using either a valid activation code (sometimes called a subscription. Each password manager has its own problems in dealing with certain websites and their login methods. In Part 1, I review the Top 5 Password.

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