How do I set a static IP address in Windows?

Many Windows users reported that they got the no valid IP configuration error message when they try to perform a diagnosis after the wireless failure. Hardware problems related to wireless network connection 2. Network problems from the network operators 3.
how to fix an ip configuration

Fix Ethernet doesn’t have a valid ip configuration

Every device you own that connects to the internet can be identified by its IP address, a string of numbers assigned by your internet service provider ISP or mobile network provider like Verizon Wireless or T-Mobile.

While devices have their own IP addresses, specific networks, like your home internet connection, all share a single IP address. This is like your home address: When you receive an error message alerting you that your ethernet connection no longer has a valid IP configuration, it means that Windows is failing to receive the necessary IP address from the DHCP server, or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, a network protocol system that enables that server to automatically assign your computer an IP address for a specific network.

The root causes typically spawn from one of two areas. Second, the issue may be local on your end, with both your PC and your router or modem causing issues.

Reboot The first step, as with any electronic device, is to reboot. When your computer reboots, make sure your ethernet cable is firmly plugged into the back of your computer for desktops or the side of your computer laptops. Retest your internet connection and try to establish a connection using your ethernet cable. Keep moving through the steps if you receive the same error message.

This will open Device Manager, with a full list of the hardware components of your device. This list is in alphabetical order, which should make it pretty easy to locate the list of your Network Adapters inside the manager. Drop down the tab icon next to Device Managers as pictured in the screenshot , and find the network adapter for your card.

This could be listed by several different names. Look for the name of your ethernet connection; that name will correspond to your ethernet driver. This will search for an update to your driver automatically, and prompt you to install the update if one is available. Using a flash drive or hard drive, transfer the driver update from that PC to your own.

Power Cycle Finally, this is an important solution: This will perform a hard reset for both devices, causing any local network issues to be reset and fixed upon reboot. Many basic network errors happen at a local level and can be fixed by resetting your network. This will involve diving into the settings of your computer to change and fix network errors, so prepare to truly focus on some tough solutions above.

This will launch command prompt on your device. Most electronics still use IPv4 addresses to identify themselves IPv6 has been on the market for a few years, and many new IP addresses use IPv6 protocols.

This will load the Network Connection Configuration window on your device, allowing you to view all network connections for your computer, including your ethernet connection.

This will load a list of preferences and properties for your ethernet adapter. Instead of leaving this active, select the other option and type the same IP address found in the command prompt settings above. Set your subnet mask as Close out of Control Panel and retest your internet connection. Start by closing out of any open windows you had from the previous step. Now, type the following command or copy and paste using a right mouse click exactly as follows without the quotes: This will reset your connection log on your device and, hopefully, solve your ethernet woes.

Resetting Your IP Configuration Automatically One final step we can take to restore valid IP configurations on your device is to wipe the configuration files on your computer, in order to allow Windows to restore the ethernet connection on your device.

You may want to also try restarting your computer following this reset. Contacting Your ISP An easy way to figure out whether this is a computer error or a network error is to test your network with an alternate device. Are you able to load webpages on your phone connected to your WiFi network?

A lot of moving pieces go into making sure your computer is powered and hooked up to the web effectively, which means errors can pop up all the time, causing trouble in your day to day routine.

And while the problem often lies with your router, modem, or ISP, occasionally the IP and connection settings on your computer can fall out of whack. Hopefully moving forward, Windows and other devices get a bit more reliable when it comes to automatically reestablishing connections with your internet, but until then, these tips should get you through even the toughest reconnection issues.

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To do that, follow these steps: Start Command Prompt as administrator. When Command Prompt opens, enter the following lines: Solution 3 — Set the channel width to Auto One suggested solution is to set the channel width to Auto.

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Users reported that this solution usually fixes issues with IP configuration problem, but bear in mind that if you use static IP address you’ll have. If you use a desktop PC, either for gaming or for work, you probably use an ethernet cable to supply internet to your PC. Ethernet is generally. Many Windows 10 users are seeing the error message “Wi-Fi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration” when using their Wi-Fi network. While there is no automatic.

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