How to Recover Unsaved Word Document from Word 2003/2007/2010

Part 1. Application freeze This may be the second most common reason for losing your word documents, in many cases when you open a huge number of websites along with number of programs, the Microsoft Office Word freezes and stop responding, which in return, leads you to use Task Manager to close the program and relaunch it again, and the result will be losing your documents. Shutdown without Saving The third reason is to shut down your computer without saving your files. This mostly happens when you receive a call telling you to go out immediately, and you do so without thinking about what you have written. In this case, retrieving unsaved word documents has higher difficulty coefficient.
how to recover word document unsaved

How to Recover Microsoft Word & Office Documents on Windows 7

This means that if a mishap happens, like power failure, corrupted system or anything that could force the closure of your document in progress, the document may get lost. Fortunately, Microsoft added some safeguards in its office suite to recover losts documents. There are more than one way to recover a lost Word document depending on the version of Microsoft Word you are using.

In this tutorial, we are going to list down the easiest methods to recover a lost word document. Advertising Recover Lost Documents in Word and Above With Word , Microsoft introduced a draft feature in which Word creates a temporary draft of all the documents created in it.

The draft is available for up to 4 days, after that, it will be deleted. So if you are using Word or above and the lost document is still under the 4 days period, follow the following instructions to recover the lost document: Microsoft Word will provide all recent drafts from which you can select the lost document to open and save it.

So we will have to depend on unreliable sources and hope that you find your lost document in one of the areas. Method 1: Recover from Autosave By default, Word auto-saves a document every 10 minutes this can be decreased or increased, see below that it will automatically recover if the document closed due to a malfunction.

Word will not auto-save a file that has been closed willingly using the Word close button. So this method works best when you have lost the document in an accident. The process is simple, if your system breaks down just restart it and launch Microsoft Word. While opening, Word will search if it has any autosave file. If it found any, you will see them on the left side of the blank document.

Just click to open in Word and save using the standard save method. Furthermore, by default, the document will autosave after every 10 minutes, so there is a chance you may lose work done in the last 10 minutes unless you changed the time.

Recover from Temporary Files When you are working on a document, a temporary file is also created that contains the same data. They may contain lots of other codes along with your document content, so you need to copy only the required data.

You can access temporary files in the following directory: Filed in Computers. Read more about Microsoft Word.

Word 2007 and 2010

And remember, if all else fails, installing a data recovery program like Acronis Revive or falling back on a recent file or system backup may help get your documents back at least in a workably recent state. The good news is, this problem is so common that Microsoft has made it easy to recover unsaved Word documents: Check for your missing file in the dialog box. If it was a recent loss it should appear. Open the recovered Word document and click the Save As button in the top banner. Did You Know?

VIDEO: How to Recover Unsaved Word Document in Windows 10 | Password Recovery

How to recover unsaved word document on Windows or Mac OS? This article tells you the easy 4 methods to help you recover lost documents. Word has an auto-save feature, but there are times when your documents don’t show up in the recovery pane when you open Word. Maybe. Sometimes a lost or unsaved Word document may still exist as a temp file. Open File Explorer and search your hard drive for *.tmp files. Switch.

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