Hungry Shark Evolution (Win 8) Walkthrough

Part 1 The first game in the trilogy and the first in the series. Hungry Shark: Part 2 A sequel to the previous game. Part 3 The final game in the trilogy.
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Hungry Shark Evolution Win 8 Walkthrough 2. General Hints and Tips Controls The control scheme is simple and includes support for touch screen, keyboard and mouse, and Xbox One controller. The controls consist of moving the shark, and boosting the shark. If at all possible, use an Xbox One controller for this game. The shark will be much easier to control. Moving For touch screens, move the shark by pressing and holding anywhere on the screen and then sliding your finger in the direction that you want to move the shark.

For keyboard and mouse, left click and hold anywhere on the screen and drag in the direction that you want the shark to move. The amount of movement has little effect on speed. For controller, moves the shark. Boosting For touch screens, hold a second finger anywhere on the screen for as long as you want to boost. For keyboard and mouse, right click and hold for as long as you want to boost.

For controller, hold as long as you want to boost. Boosting is useful for jumping out of the water for flying prey, going on land or boats, and getting a speed boost underwater to catch prey that is faster than your shark.

Currencies There are two types of currencies in the game. Gold is given as rewards for finishing missions, eating gold colored prey, eating entire schools of fish, and finding it in moonshine jugs and crates around the game world. Use this to buy accessories, level up your skills, and buy the next shark once you have unlocked it.

Gems can be gotten by eating a gemfish, which is a green, distinct looking fish that is very fast and spawns randomly around the map. They are also awarded for random actions such as finding sunken objects and eating certain other difficult prey like the paragliders, boats and shark cages when you get the bigger sharks.

I recommend using them only to extend your game if you are very close to completing a difficult mission, or if you are lucky and have so many that you can afford one of the baby sharks or other premium accessories. They can both be gotten by visiting the Daily Reward Chest on consecutive days. The chest is located centrally on the map and is below and to the left of the Reef Shark spawn point. The chest gives: Day 1 – gold, Day 2 – gold, Day 3 – gold, Day 4 – gold, and finally Day 5 – five gems.

On the sixth day, rather than increasing the rewards, it simply starts back over at day one and gold. Skills You have three skills that you can level up for each shark.

They are Speed, Bite, and Boost and they each have five levels. Each skill costs the same amount for each level, with the cost increasing per level. With each new shark, the costs increase. Speed, as is implied by the name, allows your shark to swim more quickly. Bite allows you to eat more quickly as some prey take longer to chew up than others. Boost allows you to boost for a longer time. These can be ignored for all but the Megalodon which you will need to level up Speed and Bite.

After that, go ahead and level up Boost as you have no reason to save Gold once you own this shark anyway. Accessories The money saved by not leveling up your skills should be used for accessories. Accessories are items that can be purchased with either of the in-game currencies. I recommend first getting the basic map for Gold.

Once you have bought them, they can be used with any shark that you have unlocked and bought. The exception is the baby sharks which are exclusive to their adult counterpart. Gold Rush The basic mechanic of the game is survival. You have an energy bar that is constantly depleting. You counteract this by moving your shark into other fish, people and items in order to eat them and replenish your energy bar.

The best hint for the entire game is to eat schools of fish, single gold-colored fish, gemfish, moonshine jugs, and crates of gold. These items all fill up the Gold Rush bar at the bottom of the screen. The faster you eat, the quicker you trigger the Gold Rush. Gold Rush will be signaled by a message across the screen, a lively tune being played, and all living prey will then turn gold.

This allows your shark to eat anything and prevents it from taking damage. Use this to eat bigger prey that you wouldn’t normally be able to eat and clear mines.

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Game Overview Take back the ocean as a very Hungry Shark Take control of a very Hungry Shark in this action packed aquatic adventure. Survive as long as possible by eating everything that gets in your way! There are many different sharks to collect and evolve, including the Hammerhead, Great White and Megalodon! Each shark gets larger as it levels up with 3 attributes to increase as you go.

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Hungry Shark Evolution: Appstore for Android. Equip awesome accessories like Lasers, Jetpacks and Top Hats! • Find and collect sunken. In choosing hungry shark world best accessories, there are few things that should be considered. Gold Here are things you should know about accessories in the hungry shark world. Hungry Shark Evolution The New Liopleurodon Skin. Accessories that increase the amount of coins dropped. Popular pages. Hungry Shark Evolution · Big Daddy (Dunkleosteus) · Shark · Mr. Snappy ( Mosasaurus).

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