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Windows 7 Compatible iCare Format Recovery v6 Free format recovery utility, iCare Format Recovery is able to restore files after formatted drive no matter quick format or complete format, or reformat twice It is also able to recover files from format related problems like drive has not been formatted, do you want to format it now error, chkdsk not available for raw drive error. The program can restore files from hard disk drive, external hard drive, memory card, digital camera card, cellphone card
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Download iCare Data Recovery Free for Windows 10/8/7/XP

Software actually corrupted my HD! Cons Their software actually assisted in ‘corrupting’ my hard drive according to a data recovery specialist I had to hire after their software claim to save my files after purchasing the key. They have no money-back guarantee; I’ve asked for a refund for over 3 months and they will not honor my request even after their software corrupted my hard drive. They take days and sometimes weeks to respond to emails. No other means of support or communication. They have removed their ‘contact us’ information from their website.

It’s the same as the link ‘about iCare’ at the bottom. Check it out yourself. It was there a few months ago before their software corrupted my hard drive, so I’m sure I’m only one of probably thousands who are complaining to them for them to remove their contact info.

Summary I downloaded the trial version and it found about 1, files in about 20 minutes that I wanted to recover. You cannot save the files without purchasing their key for the full version. They claim if you see them with the trial you can save them after buying their key. I purchased it and input it to the field, but it said it was invalid; I copy and pasted it and typed verbatim about 15 different times with same result. Was told to uninstall and reinstall and use the key during installation.

I did that and was able to ‘search again’ for the files with the full version. But this time it found NONE of the 1, files from the first search. In fact it only searched about sectors out of a total of 1,, sectors in about 24 hrs. Obviously something was wrong.

I began emailing them as this is their ONLY means of contact. He said the HD was corrupt and it was likely the uninstalling of the iCare software while it has found the original files. By then the files could not be recovered. You have been warned. One last thing to show you how CORRUPT they are; go to their website and select the ‘about iCare’ link, then select the ‘contact us’ link at the bottom of the page.

I wonder why????? Updated on Apr 22, They actually DO offer a 30 day money back guarantee, but have not honored it for me with a valid reason according to their website; even after requesting for a refund for the past 3 months.

A comprehensive and powerful data recovery software

Yet, the cracked data software also becomes a trend in the market to satisfy users needs for free software. However, considering data security and privacy protection, a cracked software with an unauthorized key is not a wise choice for you. Here below is a list of potential problems that you may encounter: Privacy leaking: Economic loss: Virus attack:

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Free Data recovery software by iCare Recovery to restore files deleted or lost due to drive formatted, iCare Data Recovery Software can recover files from hard disk drive, external hard drive, usb drive, sd card. .. File Name, west.u6831319.isp.regruhosting.ru Download free software of iCare Data Recovery Free Edition. Scanning: once installed on the computer system, iCare Data Recovery Software lets users scan swiftly a drive so as to recover deleted data.

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