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How to Change Your Router’s IP Address

He writes troubleshooting content and is the General Manager of Lifewire. In most cases, the default gateway IP address is the private IP address assigned to your router. This is the IP address that your router uses to communicate with your local home network. While it might take a number of taps or clicks to get there, the default gateway IP address is stored in Windows’ network settings and is really easy to spot.

Time Required: It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to locate your default gateway IP address in Windows, even less time with the ipconfig method outlined further down this page, a process you might prefer if you’re experienced working with commands in Windows.

You can find your computer’s default gateway as described below in any version of Windows, including Windows 10 , Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Windows Vista , and Windows XP.

Larger networks, with more than a single router and simple network hubs , may have more than one gateway and more complicated routing.

Open Control Panel , accessible via the Start menu in most versions of Windows. If you’re using Windows 10 or Windows 8. Skip down to Step 4 Windows 10 or Step 5 Windows 8 if you end up going that route. Tap or click Network and Internet. Instead, tap or click Network and Sharing Center and move on to Step 4. In the Network and Internet window Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista: Tap or click Network and Sharing Center, most likely the link at the very top. Windows XP Only: Click the Network Connections link at the bottom of the window and then skip to Step 5 below.

Open the Network Connections screen. Windows Tap or click Change adapter options near the middle of the window. If you got to this step through Control Panel, click Change adapter settings from the left panel.

Windows 8 and 7: Tap or click Change adapter settings from the left panel. Windows Vista: Click Manage network connections from the left panel. Although it does say change or manage in that link, don’t worry, you won’t be making changes to any network settings in Windows in this tutorial.

All you’ll be doing is viewing the already configured default gateway IP. Locate the network connection that you want to view the default gateway IP for. On most Windows computers, your wired network connection is probably labeled as Ethernet or Local Area Connection, while your wireless network connection is probably labeled as Wi-Fi or Wireless Network Connection.

Windows can connect to multiple networks at the same time, so you may see several connections on this screen. Usually, especially if your network connection is working, you can immediately exclude any connection that says Not connected or Disabled.

If you’re still having trouble determining which connection to use, change the view to Details and note the information in the Connectivity column. Double-tap or double-click the network connection.

If you instead get a Properties, Devices and Printers, or some other window or notification, it means that the network connection you chose does not have a status to show you, meaning it’s not connected to a network or the internet. Revisit Step 5 and look again for a different connection. Click Details. Locate the IP address listed as the Value for that property. This is the default gateway IP address Windows is using at the moment.

If no IP address is listed under either Property, the connection you chose in Step 5 may not be the one Windows is using to connect you to the internet. Check again that this is the right connection. Documenting your default gateway IP is a good idea, if only to avoid having to repeat these steps next time you need it.

You can now use the default gateway IP address to troubleshoot a connection problem you might be having, to access your router, or whatever other task you had in mind. Execute the following command exactly: Locate the value next to Default Gateway.

Depending on your version of Windows, how many network adapters and connections you have, and how your computer is configured, you may get something very simple in response, or something very complex.

What you’re after is the IP address that’s listed as the Default Gateway under the heading for the connection you’re interested in. See Step 5 in the process above if you’re not sure which connection is important. You should now know your default gateway. Here’s an example result of the ipconfig command:

Change your IP Country with a VPN

Because the IIS users are already accustomed to the default port, the Apache installation had no choice but to use a less popular port for HTTP, in this case case port You might ask why is port 80 important for http? Well, for one, it is the ease of use for the users. If you are browsing to a web server listening on a port other than port 80, you will need to include the port number along with the address. Something like this: According to http:

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Any way i can change ip and or protect myself?i have a westell I have full access to my work 10G internet but would I risk my job to send lots of .if they win the vent they probably have the provision to view your Public IP. You can follow below tutorial to configure IIS to access a website via IP address. in Windows Firewall, you will be able to access your website using via IP. Windows 7; Windows 8; Windows ; Windows 10 on Y · Instructions on how to start Device Manager for Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and

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