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He writes troubleshooting content and is the General Manager of Lifewire. Updated April 01, people found this article helpful CCleaner tops our list of free registry cleaners for several good reasons. Aside from being completely free and working with all versions of Windows, two additional things really stand out.
is ccleaner safe to use on windows 10

CCleaner v5.55

It’s particularly helpful in Windows Become a Patron of Ask Leo! Download the free version and decline all offers of the trial or Pro version 1. You may be directed to a third-party download site to actually get the file. When first using the tool, the next step is to click Analyze, which simply examines your system for cleaning opportunities. As for me, I tend to run with the default selection.

The majority of these are completely benign. Take a system image backup using your backup program of choice. Playing with the registry can be dangerous; at its worst, it can leave your system unstable or even unbootable.

To clean the registry, click on Fix selected issues….. The most common action here is to click on Fix All Selected Issues. As it turns out, fixing registry issues can expose new issues. In my example, I ran it three times before no new issues were found.

When weighed against the risk of a registry-cleaning operation that may cause more problems thanit solves, I advise simply not doing it at all. One the left-hand menu, click on Tools, and then at the top of the adjacent list, click on Uninstall.

This will present a list of software on your system that CCleaner can uninstall. As a result, CCleaner provides the easiest, and perhaps the only, approach to removing unwanted apps. One example might be the MS Store app. While you might not care to have it around, it may become the conduit for official software that you later desire. Additional tools CCleaner includes several other tools. Browser Plugins: Disk Analyzer: Duplicate Finder: Drive Wiper: You can then run or schedule the command: Download CCleaner, run the Analyze function, and see what you see.

CCleaner Alternatives We Tested

CCleaner has been a mainstay for protecting Windows computers for many years. It was created at a time when Microsoft Windows lacked many built-in protections and features, so CCleaner filled those gaps. Today, those gaps are gone, and many people who install CCleaner could be doing their computer more harm than good. The reality is that people usually use one primary browser on their computer, and these days privacy features are built right into the browsers themselves to automatically clean up cookies and search history.

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The Registry is an important part of Windows 10 OS. Registry Repair; CCleaner; Iolo System Mechanic; Wise Registry Cleaner; JetClean. We mostly took attributes into consideration such as ease of use, All of the software was tested on a Windows 10 virtual machine that was. What Kind of Maintenance Do I Need to Do on My Windows PC? Let’s dig into what each tool does, and talk about how to use it for maximum.

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