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Each instrument has 8 easily accessible macro knobs right on the face of the GUI that correspond to the 8 hardware knobs on all Komplete Kontrol Series keyboards and Maschine hardware exceptfor the Maschine Micro models. There are also 2 sound sources for each instrument, one of the macro knobs is used to blend these together to your particular taste. The other 7 macro knobs are tied to parameters and effects under the hood so even more dramatic changes can be made to any sound just by adjusting the other macro knobs.
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One of the best features of Kontakt however, is the ability to create your own virtual instruments housed within the engine. They are developing truly inspiring instruments and engines that easily rival the Native Instruments content, but with a completely different perspective.

The basic idea here was to build a vocal-based library, but this collection is so much more. Some of the vocal samples have been manipulated to the point where they have morphed into beautiful pads, lush otherworldly atmospheres and unrecognizable synth-like sounds. If you want some vocal one shots to finalize a production those are readily available too. But this instrument is a perfect starting point for finding inspiration.

Notes, Loops, and Slices. The power and flexibility of this VST is largely enabled by the engine. This page houses the real guts of the instrument, allowing you to access and edit the source panels, mod rhythm section, mod effects, and insert effects.

Additionally, a few global controls in this panel are polyphony, velocity sensitivity, and glide. Between the effects modulated by rhythm panel settings pan, filter, phaser, talk, and saturate and the effects panel tools pitch, dirt, motion, compression, tone, delays, and reverb the possible permutations are endless.

When combined, you have the power to change 24 parameters at once. While each preset has parameters pre-mapped to the 4 macros, you can easily edit these settings.

With EXHALE, Output has done an incredible job of providing creators a simple interface with tremendous under-the-hood power making it a must-have for everyone from those who want quick top quality presets to those who want to tweak in depth.

Their REV instrument is dedicated to reverse sounds and defines its category. REV is the first VST dedicated to reverse sounds, and was also the very first instrument created by Output —the only developer to get two mentions on this list. Despite its age, REV is still wildly powerful and the only instrument of its type.

The 4 separate engines—Instruments, Loops, Rises, and Timed Instruments—each include a great FX collection, both global lo-fi, rage, stack, filter, delay, reverb, and equalize and layer-based saturate, motion, drive, delay, reverb, and EQ.

Each of these FX have 4 tweak able parameters and each layer has its own tempo-synced stutter FX for volume and pitch, as well as filter and envelope controls.

Each sample here has multiple velocities and is equal in length. A sample start location slider has been included as well. Each of these sounds has 4 types: Dry, Wet samples with reverb added before they were flipped , Pads continuous looped pads , and Forward. The only major difference is that the sample length is dictated by note length, instead of being controlled freely. The note length slider has 3 positions: Whole note, half note, and quarter note.

In this mode, sounds will swell at this rate, synced to the tempo of the DAW. Output continues to be a master of organization by laying out each bank across the keyboard by complexity. The most simple loops are to the left and the most complex are to the right. Lastly, a useful three-position playback slider adjusts speed with regular, half, and double as the options.

Simply pick length, a playback speed and whether you want a tail or abrupt ending, and REV will create a perfect rise to match the tempo of your production. Between these four engines, Output has created a tremendously unique and powerful instrument that covers all your reverse effects needs. As to be expected from this company, a massive variety of options are packaged in an extremely simple, powerful, and easy-to-navigate layout.

I implore everyone to try this out to see where it can fit into your process. Cinematic guitars stretches the boundaries of the instrument to create a truly unique virtual instrument. The level of drama that this library can bring to a production is truly remarkable. Sample Logic provides a massive collection of massive sounds with Infinity , and it includes all of the patches from Cinematic Guitars 1, Cinematic Guitars 2, and the latest CG3.

Each of these editions has three main categories: Atmospheres, Instrumentals, and Percussives. Within these categories are well-titled subcategories, making it easy for to navigate the nearly endless options here. But Infinity also includes an additional sub-category: You can run up to eight simultaneous sound sources in Infinity with FX processing. Tthe starting points provided are also incredible. To give you a real sense of the possibilities, here are a few numbers: Over 2, sound sources, 1, soundcore presets, and instrument presets.

Sample Logic has done the math—and it equates to 2, trillion possible combinations. Not sure where to begin? This library is superb, and includes a wealth of sounds that are hard to find elsewhere.

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Sound design, instrument creation, building multi layered patches – all these and much more are possible with Kontakt 6. See how it works in this short video. Native Instruments’ Kontakt has been the go-to sampler instrument workstation for many years, both for people creating their own instruments and for those wanting to access orchestral libraries, sound design tools and much more. And with version 6, it’s more powerful than ever. But what are the different things you can do with Kontakt? Sure, it’s amazing for playing and tweaking instruments, but it also has a wealth of developer and instrument creation tools that you can use. In this video from the course Kontakt

VIDEO: KONTAKT 6 Explained® – Video Tutorial

We look at the new Native Instruments Kontrol A Series Keyboard controller and the new Kontakt 6 Instruments in Komplete If all you will ever use is Kontakt, probably not. But Komplete comes with a lot more than just Kontakt, including Reaktor 6 which is phenomenal. Native Instruments has introduced Kontakt 6, the latest version of its KONTAKT Play Series: Three new instruments for the KONTAKT library.

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