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There is also a wide range of delivery mechanisms such as discs, downloads, and streaming. However, not all media players in the industry were able to play all those formats. The latest version of VLC Media Player provides some others extra features including support streaming and extend the player with downloadable plugins.
latest version of vlc media player

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Found a bad link? Version 4. This new version also introduces new rendering pipeline for audio, with better effiency, volume and device management, to improve VLC audio support. Support for many new devices inputs, formats, and metadata have been introduces along with next-gen codecs. Rewritten audio core, allowing better volume and device management. Rewrite of the audio modules, to adapt to the new core. Correct support for multi-channel layouts in all formats: New remapping, gain, stereo widening, downmixing effects.

Higher samplerate, precision, live configuration in the core. Numerous new audio metadata format supported. Support color conversion shaders in glsl on Android and iOS. Support for deinterlacing for higher bit depth and XYZ colorspace.

New anaglyph filter for side-by-side 3D. Add hardware decoding for Android using MediaCodec. Audio fingerprinting using AcoustID. Support for screen input on OSX Lion and later. Support for Microsoft Smooth Streaming, developed by Viotech.

For Anime fans New 6. Improved MKV support for seeking, and resiliancy. Editions support in MKV. Better subtitles and metadata support from MKV.

Various ASS subtitles improvements. For Mobile Port to Android, from 2. Partial port to WinRT, for Windows 8, 8.

OpenGL ES optimized outputs. New audio, video outputs and interfaces for mobiles. Apps similar to VLC Media Player Beta 3 votes A highly portable and popular multimedia player for multiple audio and video formats.

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History[ edit ] The VideoLan software originated as an academic project in But since VLC is no longer merely a client, that initialism no longer applies. VLC 1. There is also an HTTP [53] interface, as well as interfaces for mouse gestures and keyboard hotkeys. It can play some, even if they’re damaged, incomplete, or unfinished, such as files that are still downloading via a peer-to-peer P2P network. It also plays m2t MPEG transport streams. TS files while they are still being digitized from an HDV camera via a FireWire cable, making it possible to monitor the video as it is being played.

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VLC Media Player free download. Get new version of VLC Media Player. Popular video display client ✓ Free ✓ Updated ✓ Download. VLC users can download the latest version of the media player from the official VideoLAN website; VLC is available for the desktop. VLC Media Player (bit) is a favorite of many video watchers thanks to abundant format support, style, and customization Free VideoLAN Windows XP /Vista/Server /7/8/10 Version Full Specs Current Version.

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