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Traditionally marketed as a turnkey solution for production studios, Lightworks was not available to the general public until , when it was astonishingly offered as a free download for Windows users. Eventually the software was ported to Linux and Mac with promises of open source code in the near future, making Lightworks the only professional, open-source, cross-platform video editor. Depending on your expectations, philosophy, and available resources, Lightworks may or may not be a wise investment for your production studio. Lightworks is a remarkably powerful application, with tools designed for speedy and precise editing. The trimming tools are in the same league as Avid, and the keyboard controls are natural and intuitive.
lightworks editing software review

The best video editing software in 2019

Equipped with amazing features and robust tools, Lightworks can also be used for making videos for social media, YouTube, Vimeo, and 4K film projects. With Lightworks, users will be able to easily edit clips or shots by applying the drag and drop techniques provided by the software. In addition, it lets them enhance the images in their videos using color grading and blending.

To create smooth transitions between clips, Lightworks allows users to perform keyframing as they add effects to their videos.

The video editor also works with Blackmagic Fusion, a post-production image compositing software used for creating visual effects for movies, commercials, and TV shows. Likewise, through the aid of plug-ins, users can take advantage of the filters, transitions, graffiti, and graphics from Boris, a visual effects software and vector-based titling solution.

To be able to understand how such techniques work, users should get a glimpse first of the user interface design of the software. Bins are where media assets are imported to, while the edit viewer displays the clip currently being worked on.

The timeline is the area where users will be able to play their clips in sequence. Lightworks lets users drag and drop a clip or shot from the bin to the edit viewer panel. This particular drag and drop technique is used so they can perform some actions such as selecting the segment of the clip they want to use by marking its beginning and end. From the edit viewer panel, they can insert a new clip or replace an existing clip in the timeline.

New clips can also be added and inserted in the timeline by dragging and dropping them from the bin to the timeline. If users want to edit a selected region in their timeline, they will be able to do that by dragging and dropping that region from the timeline to the bin. Video Routing The video editing software also has a systematic way of applying effects to video clips which is referred to as video routing.

Video routing in Lightworks uses a node-based system for organizing video clips and effects. This system is needed for videos that have multiple tracks and effects. For instance, if users want to apply a split screen effect to their video, they need to input two clips.

However, different color gradients have to be applied for each clip; and they also have a third clip as the background of the video which also has its own set of effects. To be able to do apply all these effects in an organized manner, Lightworks enables users to connect the video clips to the specific effects that will be applied to them.

Apply Effects Using Keyframes With Lightworks, video and audio effects can be applied using keyframing. This feature lets users set keyframes for their video clips, wherein each keyframe will have a specific parameter value that defines how the effects will be applied. As an example, if they want to emphasize elements or characters in their video clips, they can use this feature to apply a wiggling effect that varies at each point in time.

As they set the parameter values for such effect throughout their video clip, a smooth transition will be established between their keyframes. Thus, users can right click a clip from the bin, edit viewer, or timeline; and then they can already export it directly to YouTube.

As they export their videos, they will be able to access some options like selecting the size, frame rate, as well as adding meta tags to their videos so they can be easily searched online.

Overview of Lightworks Features.

Your guide to the best paid and free video editing software.

Its features are sufficient enough for both beginners and professionals. However, some experts and enthusiasts still feel the need to fill in some gaps. The plugins enhance the software capabilities such as trimming, video quality, and adding special effects to clips. The plugin options are overwhelming. Some of the popular Lightworks plugins include Blackmagic Fusion This plugin video effects and 3D motion graphics. Its 3D compositing work platform allows you to edit live video from a camera.

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Picking the Best Video Editing Software; Adobe Premiere Pro CC VideoStudio; CyberLink PowerDirector; Pinnacle Studio; Lightworks; Final Thoughts These features helped dictate the direction of our list, so let’s review. Lightworks Video Editing Software Review. Jeffrey J. Landers. Add to compare. What is Lightworks? Design and Interface; Features; Effects Packages; Plugins. With the release of Lightworks version , EditShare reaches its goal of a October 7, — GMT ( PDT) | Topic: Enterprise Software making this professional-level video NLE (Non-Linear Editing system) run.

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