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Lightworks For video makers who need professional codec support and the ability to edit and export media up to 4K, Lightworks has it all, including a new proxy workflow to ease editing in higher resolutions. And for those just breaking into the craft of editing, EditShare offers a free version of the NLE that packs all the tools and only limits the final output format. Lightworks v
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Do a something search Introduction to Lightworks Video Editor While Lightworks has only been available to the general public for a few short years, this award-winning editing suite has been servicing film industry professionals since the early s.

Being at the forefront of the digital film editing revolution, much of the terminology and techniques used throughout the application honor the tradition of hand-cut films. Lightworks was made with film industry veterans in mind; enhancing the inherently linear workflow with non-destructive tools. Open up the application and inhale deeply as you gaze into the calming, blue interface. Now exhale. Because Lightworks was initially distributed as a turnkey solution for production studios, the interface dominates your entire screen, obscuring the underlying operating system.

From the System Settings menu, you may also customize various aspects of the user interface. Before we can get started, Lightworks needs to know the name and frame rate of your project. Frame rate is also referred to as frames per second, or fps for short. The frame rate is the speed at which a video displays unique, consecutive images called frames.

Think of videos as a series of still images played back to back really fast so that it looks like the picture is moving, much like a flip book! This will likely tell you that your video is some crazy frame rate like For now, just round up and choose the corresponding frame rate in Lightworks. Lets first take a look at our project settings by clicking on the name of the project in the top left corner of the application.

Here we see a few basic details about our project, including the location where all of our assets and project files are stored. The project destination folder can only be modified with a Lightworks Pro license. Hop on down to the video tab and make sure the output format matches your source material.

Our project will be p The media tab lists your available storage devices and where your media is located. You can use this menu to move your assets to an external drive to conserve disk space.

Keep in mind that this will only move your imported assets. Your project files will still reside in the default projects folder. You could set up a room for each of these cases. Each room will save the position of any open windows and tools. The tool bar, found along the left hand side of the Lightworks editor, contains several carry-overs from ye olde tape-based editing days.

This tool captures video from a tape-based device, such as a mini-DV camcorder. The import tool is used for ingesting all of your digital assets including videos, still images, and audio. Create New Edit: Opens a new destination monitor with an attached, empty timeline. Browse Project Contents: The revised project browser has search functionality built in, and in fact the search tool will simply launch the project contents browser.

Another carry-over from tape-based editing. This is used for exporting your edit back to a tape-based device. Export Edits, Clips, and Bins: Not only used for exporting edited video, but can also output complete backups of your project. Editor Preferences: You can also turn on global, on-screen console controls for video playback and basic editing functions, however I recommend leaving them off and focusing on learning the keyboard commands.

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In it was sold to Tektronix , [9] who were not successful at developing the company’s products. In it was sold on to the newly formed Lightworks Inc. Softworks and Alacrity supported mixed formats and resolutions in real time and project output in different resolutions without re- rendering. Alacrity supported dual outputs while the same facility was available for Softworks users as an option. Shortly before the scheduled release date of

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Keep reading because the article below will introduce you with Lightworks version – one of the most commonly used video editing tool. A brand new version of Lightworks, the professional-grade video editor, is available for download on Windows, macOS and — hurrah — Linux. For over 25 years Lightworks editor has been at the forefront of film Whether you need to make video for social media, YouTube or for a 4K.

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