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Updated July 3, , Some applications will crash or not run at all. Virtual machines and Boot Camp are more rock-solid options, but they do add more overhead and require a Windows installation. For apps that do work, however, Wine can be extremely useful.
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Capture the screen of an iPhone or iPad connected to your Mac via Lightning cable, for example to create video tutorials for iOS apps. Use the iPhone or iPad as a video camera with the help of mimoCam. Bring in an expert, a panelist or a roving reporter live via Internet from anywhere in the world.

NDI promises to revolutionise the studio by moving the video signal to IP. Use various webcams that are supported by macOS or come with a compatible driver for macOS.

Or use mimoCall screensharing on the presenter’s computer via Ethernet or Wifi. Grab the window of almost any app and use it as a video source in mimoLive. Popular examples include Webbrowsers and video call applications such as Skype or Facetime. Use this for integrating video sources that are not directly supported by mimoLive or to create screencasts for training videos. Applications who provide their content via Syphon can send their video directly to mimoLive.

Play out any video file format supported by macOS. Perform various operations such as scaling, rotating, frame rate adaption, cropping, keying and more on the video on the fly or map it on a surface positioned in 3D.

Use mimoLive to scale, rotate, crop, or map it in 3D. Pull in images from Instagram! Use this for increasing audience interaction, or to have a roaming photographer submit photos to your live stream, or to host a show talking about great Instagram photos you’ve found.

Using the “My Likes” feed, it is easy to moderate posts to avoid showing offensive pictures in your live stream or on air. Display incoming tweets and moderate them by using the Twitter favs feature with the built-in Twitter client.

Display your Twitch chat feed in your video to preserve it for posterity. Apart from keeping time and score, mimoLive can also display rosters and tournaments. Please contact the sales team if interested. Display a news Ticker using the headlines from your blog or news site fetched by RSS feed. Examples include sensor data such as a weather station, game scoring equipment, time keepers and more.

Requires Customization Query almost any online data source and display the results in a meaningful way. Examples include stock performance data in live Stock charts, product pricing and availability for a home shopping show, weather data for a weather map and more.

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Restrictions on promo codes vary from game to game and promotion to promotion. You usually cannot use them on games less than a month old, virtual currency, subscriptions, game time cards, third-party games, or combined with any other current sale or promotion. Download your purchased games at any time, on any computer, using the Origin client. How does game preloading work? Pre-loading means you can download your game before its release date. Unlock, unpack, and install the game early so you can play as soon as possible. I got a message saying my Product Code can’t be redeemed through Origin.

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The Mac Product Key Finder functions in the same way as the Magical Jelly Bean’s KeyFinder for Windows, albeit on MacOS, whether you’re running the latest. Here’s how to get your Mac to “remember” its serial number once more! Reboot your Mac whilst holding the option key on your keyboard. Setapp gives you a stellar app for every job: planning, writing, coding — you name it. Take a look at all the apps you can get on Setapp.

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