Kaspersky vs. Malwarebytes Antivirus: Head-to-Head Battle

Upgrading to a premium account never crossed my mind because I never thought I needed it. Truth is, the free version of Malwarebytes is fantastic. It scans and removes malware and rootkits, and the company deserves kudos for respecting its users enough to not cripple the free version into an unusable mess as companies are prone to do. Taking care of your car is cheaper than getting it repaired when it breaks down.
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Both have flexible pricing, while Kaspersky has unparalleled threat detection and Malwarebytes has a great interface and takes the fight to adware and zero-day threats. Kaspersky can root out all types of threats from malware to Trojans to rootkits and internet-based threats.

Kaspersky automatically scans while you work — when you open an application or surf a website, the software launches a scan without being prompted, in order to spot and stop threats before they emerge. Kaspersky also automatically updates on a constant basis, to stay ahead of the game.

Malwarebytes scans for malware and viruses under 3 separate options — threat scan, custom scan, and hyper scan. Whenever a threat is detected it is automatically quarantined. Malwarebytes gives you the flexibility to decide which types of scans to run and what to focus on, while providing security solutions for zero-day attacks, exploit kids, and ransomware. Malwarebytes is customizable and can fight a wide variety of threats, but Kaspersky constantly scans to stay ahead of the game and is one of the most adept programs on the market at predicting emergent threats.

Both options have easy to interface and are user-friendly. When it turns red, that means the system has detected a threat.

Malwarebytes The color-coded system is about as user-friendly as it gets, and the interface and set up make the system very easy to use even for a novice.

In addition, they can keep your details safe with their ID theft protection, and a safe social profile mode which gives you another level of safety online. Malwarebytes also secures your devices against the whole gamut of security threats, with 3 different scan options. When a threat sets off the warning bells, Malwarebytes automatically quarantine it for removal.

It also protects against zero-day threats and drive-by download attacks. Kaspersky just has too much in their toolkit. With a day money back guarantee, you can also give it a test run without making a commitment. With Malwarebytes, the pricing is simpler. Help lines are also available in dozens of other countries though at more limited hours.

On Malwarebytes, you can access a live chat with a customer support representative from Monday – Friday, 6am to 6pm PST. Otherwise, they have an easy to use online form for filling out a service ticket, as well as an extensive knowledge base where answers are provided for a wide variety of questions.

Using their phone support system requires a service charge. Kaspersky simply has much more extensive customer service options than Malwarebytes. Overall Winner Kaspersky was the clear winner in our head-to-head, even though Malwarebytes did best them when it comes to software usability despite its real shortcomings in customer service, pricing, and features. Whatever your antivirus security needs, be they business or residential, Kaspersky is a top-of-the-line option that has earned its spot as a leader of the cyber-security industry.

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Malwarebytes does use version numbers, but only updates numbers as needed. I reviewed version 3. A central status panel that reports, “Awesome! You’re protected” dominates the central status panel. To the left is a simple menu; to the right, a panel reporting component status. The only visible difference from the free edition is that all the components are enabled, and there are no Upgrade Now buttons.

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The current test Malwarebytes Premium & for Windows 10 () from During September and October we continuously evaluated 19 home. While the free version of Malwarebytes is awesome, the premium is cheaper than replacing everything when your home is burglarized. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware combate los virus, spyware y otras amenazas. Hyper Scan, al que solo se puede acceder por medio de la versión Premium.

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