Master PC Cleaner scam – how to uninstall?

The Master PC Cleaner software product supports two versions — a trial version that has the scanner unlocked for you to use and the paid version, which has all other features locked. The Master PC Cleaner is classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program PUP that relies on software bundles to arrive on systems and suggest there are numerous problems with the PC, which need to be fixed with the paid version of the product. Lab tests showed that the Master PC Cleaner is designed to scan the Registry for old program settings and obsolete keys, which are marked as critical errors and presented to users in a results log. The Master PC Cleaner developers have made it so that users are shown disturbing scan results whenever they boot into Windows with the Master PC Cleaner startup entry enabled. The trial version of the Master PC Cleaner, as well as the activated copy, are tailored to “find” many errors on systems and suggest the user spend from twenty to fifty dollars on a premium subscription that allows them to benefit from all the instruments in the Master PC Cleaner and receive updates.
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Master PC Cleaner Removal

Master Pc Cleaner may appear on your system if you knowingly and purposefully install it or it might also come as a surprise after you install a free program. Although its name suggest that this software is the “master” of PC cleaning, you should not fall for it right away.

Our researchers have found after careful testing in our internal lab that this application is no better or worse than any other PC optimizer-wannabe, including Pro Pc Cleaner, AdvanceSystemCare, and SystemBoosterPro.

Basically, these programs work in the same way. The free version is like bait; it runs a system scan that returns with hundreds of supposed system errors to fix. However, you cannot fix any of these with this free version and you will simply be prompted to buy the full version if you do not want to “risk” using your computer in this allegedly “critical” condition.

In other words, this is all about pushing you to buy the full product. Unfortunately, even if you did so, there is no guarantee that your computer will become any faster and safer. Since this potentially unwanted program PUP can slither onto your system in questionable ways, too, it is possible that there are more serious malware threats on your PC to worry about. This is why it is important that after you remove Master Pc Cleaner from your system, you should also make sure that no real threats remain on your computer.

This PUP is promoted officially on its website at masterpccleaner. In all fairness, we must mention that this site looks totally fine and professional just like most of the PC optimizer pages you can find. The installer file of this software may not even be flagged by your security software, if you have any installed, as a potential threat. Still, there is little chance that you end up on this website even after you run a web search on PC cleaners or optimizers.

If you enter its name as keywords, you would most likely find a couple of malware hunter sites warning you to delete Master Pc Cleaner as a PUP. No wonder why it is so important that you always run a search before downloading any free software.

But this program can also be found spreading in free software bundles. This means that it is possible that you have a free program in mind that you want to download and you may use the wrong file-sharing website as your source and download a whole bundle of programs.

Of course, there is some chance that you download a legitimate bundle with reliable free tools. However, it is more likely that you end up with a couple of PUPs and several malware infections adware, browser hijackers, Trojans, ransomware, fake alerts, and so on alongside a probably legitimate free program you intend to install.

Unfortunately, if you are not careful while installing such a bundle, you can easily end up with the whole bunch on your system.

If you want to avoid such software packages, you should not download files from questionable torrent and freeware pages, should not click on unsafe third-party advertisements on suspicious websites, and should make sure that your computer is not infected with malware that could expose you to unsafe third-party ads.

If you may have dropped this PUP in such a way, we recommend that you run a reliable malware scanner on your computer after you delete Master Pc Cleaner. Master Pc Cleaner screenshot Scroll down for full removal instructions We cannot claim that this PUP is harmful or that it puts your computer at risk. However, we also cannot claim that it is so beneficial that you should keep it on board. In fact, the free version is totally useless since you cannot really trust the scan results it shows you.

Similarly to most of its peers, this supposed PC optimizer also may present to you questionable results some of which may refer to problematic files or registry entries that may not even exist. This serves only one purpose: To persuade you to want to buy the full product.

But what are the guarantees that the full version will work better and is more reliable? There are hundreds of similar programs on the web and most of them try to make you believe that they are the perfect, professional, and master of PC optimizing. However, all they usually do is delete temporary files and clean up empty or unused registry entries. But these will not make your PC any faster or, at least, you will not be able to see any significant change in your computer’s performance that would be worth paying money for.

This is why we suggest that you remove Master Pc Cleaner and search the web for a more reliable and beneficial tool. The only plus we can mention with regard to this PUP is that its uninstaller does not leave any leftovers behind so you can simply apply it via Control Panel if you decide to eliminate it. Please follow our instructions below if you are not familiar with uninstalling applications. But do not consider your PC clean without carefully checking it first.

It is quite possible that you will find a number of real threats like malware infections. If you cannot seem to be able to protect your PC from these manually, we suggest that you install a reliable malware removal application like SpyHunter as soon as possible.

Pick Add or Remove Programs. Select the suspicious program and press Remove. Open Uninstall a program. Select the suspicious program and press Uninstall. Windows 8, Windows 8. In non-techie terms: Master Pc Cleaner is yet another questionable PC optimizer that claims to boost your PC by cleaning up your registry and system; however, our researchers does not recommend that you keep this program at all. In fact, it is possible that this potentially unwanted program displays made-up scan results to scare you with hundreds of system errors, some of which require immediate fixing.

This is a rather annoying and questionable way of promoting a program that claims to make your computer faster and safer. We believe that for a little more you could buy a proper and reliable security tool that will really protect your PC from even potential threats like this one. We suggest that you remove Master Pc Cleaner even if it does not mean direct and serious danger to your system.

Please remember that there could be more dangerous threats on your system right now. If you want to effectively manage the security of your virtual world, we suggest that you install a trustworthy anti-malware program as soon as possible. All removal instructions have been internally tested by Spyware Techie technicians.

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To remove any detected infection, you need to purchase its full version. Master PC Cleaner is supposed to be a useful optimization tool. Yet, it is exactly the opposite. Instead of being beneficial, this utility can cause problems. Upon installation, Master PC Cleaner scans your system and presents a detailed report about all detected issues.

VIDEO: Master PC Cleaner Removal Report

This page contains instructions on how to Uninstall Master PC Cleaner or Remove Master PC Cleaner with comprehensive free removal tools. The Master PC Cleaner software from is proposed to users as a reliable Registry cleaner that can boost the performance of your PC by. Do you know what Master Pc Cleaner is? Master Pc Cleaner may appear on your system if you knowingly and purposefully install it or it might.

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