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Have fun while learning a foreign language with the Memrise language learning app. The more you enjoy learning, the more and quicker your skills will develop. This is why entertainment mixed with real-life, relevant content is at the very core of the Memrise foreign language learning experience. Get ready for your next trip or adventure abroad?
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Visit the Courses page at Memrise, where you can begin learning languages such as the following: The Unique Way Memrise Works Memrise uses what’s called “elaborate encoding” to help you remember different concepts. Instead of having you just read through words and their translations, and trying to memorize them in their raw form, it creates an association between the translation and words you are already familiar with.

This is great because the sentence makes sense to you as an English speaker, but the Spanish translation is easily placed in it to help you build that connection between the two words. As you’re using Memrise, you can help others learn by submitting your own memory aids and mnemonics that you have. This helps grow the service and keep the material fresh.

There are different ways Memrise tests you. This keeps the questions unique but also serves as a quick way to ensure you’re retaining what you’re learning. Memrise uses whats called “spaced repetition” to regularly review you.

It does so more often in the beginning with easier tests as you’re learning new words, and then less often, but with harder tests, as they’re committed to long term memory.

These automatically precisely spaced reviews keep you learning and remembering but without overdoing it. Getting Started With Memrise To get started using Memrise, visit the Courses page, select the language you speak, and then choose the language you’re wanting to learn.

Listed are all the courses you can take in that language, with the number of others users learning it, the average time it will take to finish, and the user who put it together. As you finish more and more courses and learn new words, you collect points that transition you into different ranks as an incentive to keep moving forward.

Memrise Point System. You’re able to log on to Memrise with your email, Facebook, or Google account. Memrise’s Pro Option Everything you’ve read about Memrise so far is completely free. Included in your subscription are grammabots, pro chats, difficult words mode, speed review, listening skills mode, video mode, and learning stats. My Thoughts on Memrise I love the techniques Memrise uses to teach you new language concepts.

Using the website and app is visually appealing and actually seems to work well due to the mnemonic techniques added by users. One thing I don’t like about the website is that it’s difficult to follow what you’re doing.

However, this didn’t hamper my ability to use the site nor stop me from accessing lots of useful material.

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This free-to-use smartphone app is a great companion when revising Norwegian lessons. Part of our series on how to learn Norwegian. A few weeks ago we looked at the Duolingo app for learning Norwegian. This time around, it’s the turn of Memrise. The app features courses for more than languages, and unlike Duolingo, uses its concept to teach other topics beyond languages.

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I can’t provide you the direct link for that but I can assure that you can find it easily just by googling it or you can search it on sites like rexdl, revdl, onhax. Memrise is a language learning site/app that quickly teaches you vocabulary HelloTalk. All. Experiences. Pros. 6. Cons. 3. Specs. Laura Kyle. Top Pro . Duolingo is completely free to use, with no features limited to upgraded accounts. Try staying on track with Memrise Free, and if it works out and you tick the other boxes, get Pro. Why is staying on track of your goals important?.

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