Odesi helps producers, vocalists, song-writers and DJs create melodies, basslines and chord progressions, as well as memorable hooks. Check out the introduction video to get an idea of what Odesi can do for you. The well thought out layout of the software makes it easy to get to grips with whats happening almost immediately resulting in quick results, seamless workflow and tonnes of fun from the start! This software is a go to for anyone experiencing writers block.
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Mixed In Key

Odesi will help you create music using foundations that have been proven to work before. Mixed In Key has analyzed thousands of songs from top producers and realized that the same tricks have been used for many years. The sounds change, and music is always evolving, but the formulas stay the same.

If you know the secret sauce, you can produce a track that will have people dancing for years. Thus, as part of the release, Odesi will be showcasing some of these formulas that prominent artists are implementing in their songs. Odesi was designed to help you create rhythms. During their analysis of number one hits, Mixed In Key discovered that a small number of rhythms were used by a large number of songs. All of those tracks got on the charts.

Odesi has a bank of 54 simple and 84 complex rhythms already inside the software. You can apply a different rhythm setting to each layer. Your Chords can play a slower rhythm while your Bass uses a fast and aggressive rhythm.

You can also create your own custom rhythms and hide them from the world. Only you will have access to them, and you can use them in all your music productions to develop your own signature sound. You can see the Chord Progressions, Bassline, Melody and Drums to visualize how your track progresses over time. You can solo specific layers to work on them separately.

You can also lock them to prevent accidental editing, and mute them to temporarily hide them from the canvas. When you hit Play, only the notes visible on the Odesi canvas will play through your speakers. You can also plug in your own MIDI keyboard and record all your melodies from it. All notes will be perfectly in key. When you press the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 keys on your computer keyboard, Odesi will play your drum kits.

You can record your beats directly from your computer keyboard just by finger-drumming on your number keys. Odesi has the ability to change the Key and Scale after the track is already written.

You can create an entire song, and then change the Key and Scale anytime. Click on the Edit Notes button after you select some notes in the canvas. It gives a robotic quality to your music, and sounds less human because humans make some mistakes, but you get the advantage of really tight drums.

We recommend for you to apply quantizing in small quantities: Other parts of your Odesi session can remain unquantized to retain the subtle variations introduced by an actual musician playing the notes.

You can export MIDI files and audio files and they load perfectly inside your production software. Odesi works inside your web browser, so you can log in from anywhere.

There is also a Mac OS X companion app requires


I made my own by clicking on Create New Project and got it on. In Use You can use Odesi either as a desktop app currently Mac only, PC forthcoming , or even using just your browser. Shown here is the projects screen that has all your Odesi files. This is all pretty standard stuff, but what sets Odesi apart from everything else out there right now can be found to the right of the screen: There are four tracks by default, and you can add and remove as needed. You can click on Lock, which prevents changes to be made to a track, Hide to make the notes within a track disappear, and Solo to hear the track by itself. A scale is a group of musical notes.

VIDEO: ‎Mixed In Key Apps on the App Store

Download apps by Mixed In Key, including Mixed In Key 8, Mixed In Key Mashup, and Odesi – Smart Music Production. Smart Music Production. Download Odesi – Smart Music Production for macOS or later and enjoy it on your Mac. Mixed In Key. ,99 lei. View in Mac. Create chord progressions using Odesi. You might have heard of Mixed in Key. The Software that revolutionized digital deejaying, pretty much on its own.

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