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For DisplayPort monitors, use the “Edit CRU adds monitor resolutions, not scaled resolutions. Lower resolutions will be scaled up if GPU scaling is enabled, but higher resolutions won’t be scaled down by the GPU. Higher resolutions will only work if the monitor can handle them.
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How To Monitor GPU / CPU Temperature?

Start by increasing the refresh rate until you notice side effects such as frame skipping. Then, decrease the refresh rate by 1Hz until you find the sweet spot. As you might already know, you can overclock a lot of hardware easily for a higher performance.

A lot of people already know this, but what fewer people know is that you can also overclock your monitor and get a higher refresh rate! Overclocking your hardware is rather simple and is something that many people actually do. If you have a quality panel, you can push the refresh rate of your gaming or everyday use monitor beyond the specifications for a more fluid gaming experience. When should you overclock your monitor? You can overclock your monitor by a few Hz, depending on the quality of the panel, which will allow you to enjoy a higher framerate i.

We recommend overclocking by 5Hz until you either notice side effects or the screen goes blank for several seconds and reverts to original settings. After that, you can decrease from that point by 1Hz to find the optimal refresh rate. With this software, you can also easily increase the frequency Hz with the automatic modes in it. If you are more experienced, then you can enjoy additional features that this program offers, such as creating custom display modes.

That will show a list of all the currently available screen modes. If you experience one or more of those, simply lower the refresh rate a few ticks and try again. One thing to keep in mind is that cables do in fact matter. Also, try to keep the cable length short to prevent signal degradation. Avoid adapters whenever possible.

Warning Lastly, be cautious about overclocking any hardware. It will most likely void your warranty so be prepared to accept the consequences if things went south. He now works full-time on writing for DisplayNinja while coding his own projects on the side. Posts You Might Also Like.

How To Overclock Your Monitor to a Higher Refresh Rate

These days, graphics cards are designed to stop the user from causing any serious damage. Read through the entire guide to learn the important details about overclocking, find out the software you need, and to know what steps are required to overclock your graphics card to its fullest potential. You may also want to download an optional third program that can monitor your GPU temperature. For stress testing software, you should download Heaven Benchmar k. Essentially, overclocking a GPU increases its performance by boosting the speed that the graphical processor works at.

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In this guide I will show you how to increase your screen refresh rate click on the “Override the scaling mode set by games and programs”. Make CPU overclocking easier and faster with AMD Overdrive™ technology and AMD OverDrive™ technology lets you monitor all your performance settings. Supports NVIDIA, AMD, ATI and Intel graphics devices; Displays adapter, GPU and display information; Displays overclock, default clocks and 3D clocks (if.

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