Movavi Screen Recorder Studio vs. Debut Video Capture Software Review

From NCH Software: Debut is a free screen video recording software. Record videos from your screen webcam, or other video devices. Capture your entire desktop or a selected portion and save the recorded videos as avi, flv, wmv or other video file formats.
nch video capture

Recording Software

Download Now Debut Introduction This video covers making a basic recording with a webcam, recording your screen capturing either the whole screen or a selection , scheduling recording, viewing your recordings, effects and output options. Record from your Webcam This video will show you how to make a recording using your webcam. Record your Computer Screen This tutorial video will show you how to record a video of your computer screen.

It shows you how to select a portion of your screen, or the entire desktop. It also shows you how to change the mouse pointer recording options, along with a few other tips and tricks. Record Screen with Webcam Overlay This tutorial will show you how to record your computer screen with a webcam overlay. Learn how to position and size the webcam overlay to meet your needs. Record Sound with Your Video This tutorial will show you how to record sound with your video.

Learn how to select different audio options for recording your microphone, speakers or mouse clicks. This video will also teach you how to capture audio from other applications. Schedule Recordings This video will show you how to schedule a recording. Learn how to schedule a single recording or a recurring recording. Add a Caption This tutorial will show you how to add a caption to a video. Learn how to style and position your caption and also how to add a timestamp.

Display your Mouse Cursor in Screen Recordings This video tutorial will show you how to display your mouse cursor in a screen recording. Color and Video Effects This tutorial will show you how to apply color and video effects to your video recording. Effects should be applied prior to recording or during recording, they cannot be applied after recording. Watermark This video will show you how to add a watermark to your screen recording or video capture. Learn how to change the size and position of your watermark as well as adjust its opacity.

Viewing Recordings This tutorial video will show you the different ways that you can view your recordings and how to navigate the video player. It will also demonstrate how to rename your recordings and share them online. Like what you see? Debut Video Capture Software is designed to be very easy and intuitive to use, giving you the ability to record essentially anything from a webcam, your computer screen, an external video device or online streaming video.

Intuitive User Interface

Interface[ edit ] The UI for Debut is divided into 4 major elements. Recording Controls consists of options such as record, pause, stop, sound output, snapshot and the selection window that highlights the area marked for recording such as full screen, a selected area on the screen etc. Record As Section allows you configure the output format, encoder options, video options and the ability to add text captions, video effects, watermark and select the area of the screen for recording. Preview Area is very large and displays the preview of what is being recorded. Input Types[ edit ] Debut can record video from an external recording device, computer screen, webcam and even streaming video. Toms Guide reviewed Debut as a “one-stop recording tool” as it combines two applications – screen recording and video capture from webcams and external inputs.

VIDEO: Debut Video Capture Software Versions

Debut is a video capture and screencast program from NCH Software, available for both Windows and Mac. It has two versions, Professional and Home In order. If your question is about what Debut Video Capture Software does, its features. You can capture video directly from your camcorder to VideoPad, ready to edit. Click on the “Capture” button on the toolbar to open the Capture dialog.

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