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You are here: It seemed like a great opportunity to test the updated tool out. It requires that the. NET Framework 4.
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Office 365 Client Performance Analyzer

Total Network Inventory 4: This guide will focus on the GUI version. It supports Office only when running an Offline Scan. It seems that Microsoft went out of their way to make this troubleshooting tool all inclusive!

The only requirement is. NET Framework 3. Outlook is still the main focus of this toolset upgraded toolset as well. The full scan took less than 5 minutes. The completed scan At first, I tried to expand each subsection on the Completed Scan page to see possible problems. This will launch an analysis process that takes a few minutes.

The configuration report showing 30 potential issues Because I am a best practices geek, this report peaked my interest. I started on the first issue, which can be seen in the screenshot above.

It is basically telling me that the Lync add-in has been disabled and will not automatically start. Outlook can be quite finicky at times. Expanding each of them indicate an issue with specific events.

OffCAT warnings Most of these warnings turned out to be recurring events that were somehow set to start in Other issues were duplicated appointments that would occur in the future. It is able to gather errors from Office, categorize them, and present possible solutions. For those having issues with Office, it is certainly one of the go-to tools to use. In the future, I hope to see an increase in BPA rules and a greater emphasis on non-Outlook applications.

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VIDEO: Office Configuration Analyzer Tool: Identify Office program problems

As more customers make the transition from traditional on premise Microsoft Exchange to cloud based Office as part of their mail strategy, the need for a. Provides information about the Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool ( OffCAT), including installing and uninstalling the tool, and. The Office Configuration Analyzer Tool, frequently referred to as OffCAT, allows you to select a Microsoft Office Product and check it for common.

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