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Drum Editor is a joy to use. An excellent DAW all round. One-window interface is still quite hectic.
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Eric, I had fun with this mixer, I come from a small berhinger 8 tracks without effects! FYI, I am an amateur, not at all a pro! For repeated use. Table a little big for my current needs but the day I have a battery to amplify I would be happy to have so many tracks! I have just received it but I give my first impressions: The table is protected with high density foams.

The carton was shipped in a larger box full of air bags, among the qqles other accessories purchased. Take France and England??! The French manual is easy to find in pdf. I will comment later I do not know anything Very nice table, it’s pro!

The faders are rather small but it’s ok. Adjustable via 2 knobs per track and 2 general faders, just surprised that when the MAIN fader is zero, the sound comes out on returns No adjustment just the output level.

Adjustable by track and a general fader I had not seen it at first! The PC recognizes the table very quickly. Just tested to send mp3, it’s perfect. Not yet tested multitrack or recording I will post later. Works perfectly! Beware the sound PC and phone out at the same time if the two work together Otherwise it works great and you can read right away, it’s easy and fast!

I finally like that all the cables are on top, easier to spot! To summarize, I am very satisfied even if I have not tried multitrack recording on the PC yet. A little pricey but I do not regret otherwise the AR16 for those who need fewer tracks. Report rating… Do you believe this rating to be inaccurate or unacceptable for some reason?

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This incredible music production software is available for both Mac and Windows and comes in three versions: Studio One Prime, Artist and Professional. Understandably, the more you pay, the more features you get so, for example, the Prime and Artist versions lack many of the virtual instruments and effects that you get with Professional. You also get more options to mix your music in different ways with Professional, plus more direct connectivity with music websites like Soundcloud.

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Studio One is a music creation and production application for Windows® and macOS®. For more information, please visit the Studio One Website. 28 mar. Download PreSonus UC Surface and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Developer Website · App Support · Privacy Policy. On the internet: identify yourself on the presonus website, give the serial number and download the free software offered (Studio One Artist + a few dozen.

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