How to recover a lost Word document

If you are part-way through working on a document when due to circumstances outside your control such as the computer crashing or a network problem , you are unable to continue, there is a danger that the changes you have made will have been lost. This can be very frustrating and lead to a lot of extra work. Of course, the best way to guard against this risk is to be in the habit of regularly saving your files while you are working every 10 minutes is recommended.
recover unsaved word document 2016

4 Ways to Recover an Unsaved or Deleted Word Document

At the same time another task popped and made me to close the document to attend it. Unfortunately I skipped ‘save your changes’ dialog and closed the Word file without saving it. Now I lost entire data from it which was very important to my project seminar. Is there any way to recover lost Word document on Windows PC? By doing so you will definitely lost data forever. No need to panic in such situations, because you have different ways to restore your lost Word document.

Few are mentioned below: Case 1: Here scroll all recent documents to end and click on Recover Unsaved Documents. If you view Word Word file then double click on it to open and save immediately. Case 2: Now scroll through the files and check for the file which your looking for and open it by double clicking the file. Save immediately. The original name of the file will be as default when Save as screen opens, so find any reliable location to save it. Otherwise select Replace existing file, if displayed.

Case 3: Select all files in Files types list. The backup file will have the name ‘Backup of’ followed by lost file name then click on backup file and open it. Now save the required file. If none of these cases works for you to retrieve lost document in Word on Windows desktop then it is better to use Yodot File Recovery tool.

Features of lost Word file software: This utility is capable of restoring files of various file types such as MS Office files, generic media files images, songs and videos , PDF files, compressed files, etc.

It is used in recovering lost files on flash drive , portable devices, memory cards, SSD and various other drives. It can restore lost and deleted files from various other versions of Windows operating system like Windows 10, Windows 8. If you are satisfied with obtained result from demo version of this program then you can buy the product to activate ‘Save Recovery Session’ and save recovered files on Windows system. Sometimes even Mac user will have a query like, is there any way to recover deleted files on a Mac?

Then it is perfect to Yodot Mac File Recovery utility. How to use the software? Download Yodot File Recovery tool on Windows PC and install it Launch the software to retrieve lost Word files Select ‘Lost File Recovery’ option from main screen The application scans and displays entire drive present in computer Select the drive from where you want to restore lost Word document After selecting the partition, the tool starts to scan and displays all lost files To easily navigate through recoverable files, it is suggested to utilize two view options that is ‘Data View’ and ‘File Type View’ Finally save retrieved files to desired destination location Recommended Points: Take backup regularly to avoid file loss Do not interrupt while copying files from one drive to another Useful links.

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You are editing a Microsoft Word document, and have made a raft of changes. Another task demands your attention and you need to close Word to attend to it. Of course, Microsoft Word documents can be lost in other situations. For example, the document can be lost if an error occurs that forces Word to exit unexpectedly, or if you experience a power cut while you are editing. Unfortunately, there is not one solution to your problem, and you may need to try different things to retrieve your changes. We will assume that the document exists on your computer, i. Restart Word to look for the recovered document End all Word related processes.

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Trapped in the data loss problem because of the unsaved word document? Don’t worry, you will be provided 3 methods to recover unsaved word document in. Office Restore Documents Unsaved Documents in Word, Recover Unsaved Workbooks in Excel, or Recover Unsaved Presentations in PowerPoint. You have two options to recover lost and unsaved Word documents in Windows Word /// Keeps Crashing When Saving.

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