Red Gate: We could not make the free model work for us as a commercial company

NET was about six years ago, but my biggest turnoff with the. NET world. I don’t remember the last time I saw the source for an assembly on GitHub et al. NET world that everyone in every step of the chain has to make a buck. Reflector was a shining example of a great free tool in a sea of pay-for dreck, and it’s quite sad to see that example die.
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A brief history of. NET Reflector is a class browser, analyzer, and decompiler for. NET assemblies. Best of all,. NET Reflector was released to the community for free, with Roeder developing and supporting the tool for over 8 years.

NET Reflector. At the time, Roeder was told that Red Gate will continue to provide the free community version. Red Gate themselves stated that The first thing we are doing is continuing to offer the software to the community for free downloading. In February , Red Gate announced that from version 7,. NET Reflector would no longer be free. This might have been acceptable, but for the fact that free copies.

NET Reflector expired after several months. Upon expiry, users were prompted to update to the latest version; if they declined,. NET Reflector would simply exit, although some versions contained a time-bomb that completely deleted. NET Reflector if it was too old. Effectively, all existing free users of.

NET Reflector would be forced to either stop using. NET Reflector, or pay for version 7. The community backlash was immediate. Scorched earth After two months, Red Gate finally relented , partially reversing their decision to disable the free version of. However, rather than once more releasing a free community edition, they instead only enabled existing free versions of.

NET Reflector to update to a version that does not expire. For those users who had a self-deleting version, Red Gate offered no help. They also offered no way for new users to download the free version of.

It has been more than a year since they first announced that they were going back on their word, but nothing has changed. While there are now more alternatives to. NET Reflector than ever, it is unfortunate that this whole situation came about in the first place.

A brief history of LookingGlass Like most things developers create, LookingGlass was born out of curiosity. The question: Is it possible to download. After all, old versions need a way to download updates somehow. Updating an old copy of. NET Reflector while running Wireshark quickly provided the answer: LookingGlass is a small program that reproduces.

A few hacks were necessary to perfectly emulate how. It will save the downloaded file to the same directory as the program itself. If necessary, you can download Visual C Express for free, or use the C compiler csc.

NET framework to compile this code. LookingGlass should work perfectly on. NET 2. Where to from here? Once you have. NET Reflector up and running, be sure to try out some of the many free community add-ins available on. Tell your friends about it.

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Product Reviews Review: But the real story here is the. NET Reflector is a decompiler and class browser that has helped developers examine. NET assemblies and methods since the launch of the Microsoft. NET Framework.

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Learn how to Reflector by example. NET Reflector by Example. By Eric Burke and Sahil Malik. Learn how to Reflector by example. See how APIs, libraries, frameworks, and 3rd code really work with the decompiler Reflector. Runs as a Visual Studio add-in. NET Reflector is a class browser, decompiler and static analyzer for software created Framework, originally written by Lutz Roeder. MSDN Magazine .

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