Serato DJ 1.0.0 Software Review

Please note: SL2 Core Audio Version 1. SL4 Core Audio Version 1.
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Serato DJ Pro 2-0-5-4558 WINDOWS x64

Launch Serato DJ for the first time hardware doesn’t need to be connected 3. A window opens that asks what hardware you intend to use for DJing 4. You select which hardware you want to install drivers for either one or multiple devices 5. SDJ installs the drivers Agreed, this sounds like a great idea. Traktor does it this way 3: I have a Kung fu movie called Death of White lotus also known as fist of the white lotus in the movie Pai Mai same guy as kill bill which by the way is played by the main character in this movie Gordon liu who in this movie ironically kills pai mei LOL anyway In the movie Pai mai says “I’m tired of playing with you but I don’t want you to kill you here and ruin my temple in my home, I’ll give you my Hundred Step Death so you can go die somewhere else”, then he hits him and says “now go die somewhere else” LOL Gordon Liu gets picked up by a friend and taken to an accupuncturist that saves his life and teaches him pressure points.

He comes back and Pai Mai is surprised to see him alive, he says “No one has yet survived my Hundred step death technique” to which Gordon Liu replies “Oh so you admit my Kung Fu is Good, That’s because out of a Hundred steps I only walked Better sound quality and stability should be first and foremost. I noticed a huge decline in sound quality after serato scratch live version 1. It used to bug the shit out of me. I think they eventually improved it a bit, but that made me question SL at the time.

Out of curiosity what killer features do you think Serato DJ needs? It seems like there are a group of people that lobby for new features and then another group that complain that all the new features are making the software bloated. I’m certainly not after any killer new features, just some improvements on things like autogain as has been said.

The biggest issues IMO are the controllers, I still use a Vestax VCI and that’s still better thought out and half the size and price for almost all the same functions as some of the massive more recent Pioneer controllers. In general I find the huge size of many controllers very disappointing. I’d love to see significant development of the companion app so I could A: It would be great to have some x-y pad effect options on the app too so I can do some things in the style I can using DJay.

The idea of using a dj controller is to eliminate the mouse, so the more controls the controller actually has the better. Would really like a way to map beat jump cycling exactly the same way that it works on official controllers. I’d like to see some better midi mapping. BTW, does someone know how to midi map a touch strip control? I’ve bought the ddj xp1 but I don’t know how to midi map the touch strips to either the needle drop control or a fx control Andrei Matei 7: The agony! Plenty more releases they can fit in with this new numbering scheme before 2.

Yes, but at least macOS High Sierra is acknowledged as compatible. Caley Martin 8: I thought someone over at DJWorx “unofficially” assuaged our fears that Serato said they’d never follow suit in that silly versioning format I would love to be able to customize SDJ. Maybe Lighten the background or having the actual label of the track on the onscreen platters or maybe i dont want the waveforms onscreen And as seems to be a trend with other software, followed by 1.

Why do people keep saying this? Serato has never done this in the past and they will not do it in the future. They’ll do 1. I think the Denon stuff had been in the pipeline long enough that they HAD to get this one out. Be happy! Had 2. By now, Serato thinks only to add controllers and put videos on You tube, only to show that still many DJs use their software. Yeah, SDJ doesn’t need any new features. It needs: And then we have folks posting disinformation like this. I swear DJs are full of opinions with little knowledge when it comes to development.

So do not tell me I’m disinformed, sometimes it seems you know more and more defile others. You are complaining about their other dev projects, just stop already. If you don’t like the direction they are going in just sell your stuff and switch over to NI.

Part of what ZAZA is saying is not hypothetical, but I have faith that Serato has already been preparing and will be fully ready when the bit time comes. It would be a foolish short-sighted software company that would not. That’s a given, I was talking about this: And then this: I did not say I do not like the dictation they are taking People are all over the place. This thread has gotten so far into the weeds it’s time to stop tracking anyway.

Unchecked complaints, folks talking in circles. Some issues probably due to language barriers, but whatever it takes the enjoyment out of things when threads are mostly just bitching. This thread has gotten so far into the weeds Yeah, agreed. I personally believe in positivity and helping others whenever possible here – that’s the point of the forums!

I notice the same with others because there ARE real issues, that affect a LOT of people, and Serato isn’t giving us acknowledgement of these issues or a roadmap of what they are planning. Roadmaps can be guidance, they don’t have to be the gospel. Even an acknowledgement of the top 5 or 10 things they are focused on in the next couple quarters leaving out NDA-related items of course would be helpful to know I work in Product Management and I routinely have roadmap review sessions with customers and give guidance often high-level and thematic on what is to come over the next 6 months.

I think the problem is the Serato DJ project has taken a step backwards every time it takes two steps forward. When added, they were distorted and worse – SDJ 1. I know everyone is tired of hearing them. I am too. So, to stay on topic, for SDJ 2. I want it to be a release that makes people who’ve been contemplating a move to Rekordbox DJ stop doing so.

Finally, with every bit of bitching we do, there should be an equal offer to help. So mine is this: Serato Team: I’m incredibly detail-oriented read: If there is anything I can do to help you guys, you can count on me to test every single combination of everything possible. Lean on me. I love Serato, I love the ecosystem, I love the community, and I love the workflow.

I just am tired of feeling like the software we’ve had for the last 4 years still seems like a beta. Serato team: If we use digital for our evenings we must be sure everything works. DJ Yaitanis First, give the guys and girls in New Zeland a break they have had a lot thrown at them.

And many thanks for the support of High Sierra almost. I am a bit disappointed that the recent release 1.

Serato DJ Pro 2.0.5

Launch Serato DJ for the first time hardware doesn’t need to be connected 3. A window opens that asks what hardware you intend to use for DJing 4. You select which hardware you want to install drivers for either one or multiple devices 5. SDJ installs the drivers Agreed, this sounds like a great idea.

VIDEO: Serato Pro is out | NI Community Forum

Has anyone else had any issues with the NS7II and the newest version of Serato DJ where the CPU usage indicator just maxes out all the time causing the. After some leakage and not really talking about it at NAMM, Serato is now happy to unveil the full majesty of their next full version release of. Release Notes. 30 May, Serato DJ Pro support for the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3 controller; Fixed metadata sometimes not written to M4A files on.

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