My friend Ilias Sounas has made a lovely little animation short around 3 minutes. The theme of this competition is to provide the music score, or maybe the sounds as well, or anything you wish really, to this animation. The competition is anonymous, and the winner is picked by public voting. Deadline is the 1st of December In order to participate you will need to send me Nikolas an e-mail or a PM with a link to your entry, which needs to be anonymous, otherwise I will need to rename it.
sir2 reverb

SIR2 – Reverb VST Effect

Could you post a dry clip for comparison? I really liked that Lexicon Native Reverb demo, but that thing is waaay out of my price league! I know it’s going to vary with the reverb. I run reverb pretty dry and it probably would be pretty hard to appreciate it with your typical computer sound card and speakers. I am thinking I should do another take with higher levels of reverb so you can clearly hear it and how smooth it is.

If I get around to doing that I will let you know. Regarding other reverbs I did go ahead and get the Lexicon Native Reverb and at first approach it is smooth and relatively thicker sounding than the Aether Reverb but not as clean on the initial transients.

I just may like the Aether better. Apr 17, Small crackling noises. By the way a lot of customers have crackling and drop-out problems with Cubase 7, so this might also get fixed in a future update. Mar 30, The increase in cpu-load seems logical maybe not in that extent , but the crackles are really annoying. Maty Sims 3 Downloads Clothes on this page. Here’s a IR that demonstrates it: Very long IR granted, this is an extremely long IR and pretty much an exeption, but files like these work fine in other Convolving reverbs i use the SIR2 and.

However I will have to spend a lot more time crafting my own set of presets to see what I can get each to do for my ears. All can be made to sound very good although I think the Lexicon and Aether have the smoothest reverb tails and both use modulation on the tails. However for the amount of reverb I use it is almost splitting hairs sometimes so I hope I am done spending money on reverbs at this point.

Down the road if interested send me a short wav file of a raw recording and one you put reverb on and I will run the raw one through a reverb or two and get it back to you. Man, that sure does sound sweet – buttery smooth! I first hear it after the second note at the beginning of the recording and then at various times throughout the recording.

Sometimes it sounds a bit like a rattle but other times it almost sounds digital. That’s one advantage to the high noise floor on my previous recordings. They cover up things like that! Do you think the software verbs are finally catching up with the hardware units in terms of sound quality? I may just take you up on the offer to add reverb to one of my recordings.

I always feel like I’m shooting in the dark with the reverbs – it’ll be interesting to hear what someone else might do with one of my recordings.

Maybe next month when I’m stuck on the couch for XX weeks recovering from ankle surgery.

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Original plan was to record in a cathedral, but that plan hs been nixed due to my erratic work schedule. I’ve been fighting with Ableton for the past few weeks simply because it came with my interface and it had a nice stock reverb. There is a cathedral in my town that is cavernous, but with hardly any glass or marble surfaces, its mostly wood and plaster. So the reverb decay is very smooth and even with no zingy overtones.

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I really liked the Logic 8 convolution reverb but I prefer working in ableton, so is there a good convolution Oh and if you want value for money, check out SIR2. Sir2 Reverb Serial — DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1) e31cf57bcd Get the JTC Insulator replacement Tender KV lines doc Description. west.u6831319.isp.regruhosting.rus west.u6831319.isp.regruhosting.ru. west.u6831319.isp.regruhosting.runess,. west.u6831319.isp.regruhosting.ru

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